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Updated on January 3, 2009

Only 24 seconds long! This week's #1 podcast from teen pop phenoms The Jonas Brothers

Which Podcasts kick off the summer season?

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is here and already heating up people's homes and lives. Which podcasts are getting the most attention this season? Here's a clue: Kids, cars & comedy.

TOP CATS (categories) this month, COMEDY and KIDS podcasts rule

A full one-third of this week's top 15 podcasts are ALL from the Comedy category which dominates this week's top 15.

NEW this month: two movie companies, a teen group teaser, and a "mugglecast" debut on our top 15 list this month.

The Jonas Brothers have a 24-SECOND podcast teaser where this young singing group promotes ONE new song from their new album. They are releasing one new song every few weeks to maintain excitement among their young teen & pre-teen fans.

"Mugglecasting": 2 guys and 1 girl from the Harry Potter fansite "Imprint" have debuted their brand new podcast where they reveal their opinions and what happens behind the scenes. By contrast with the Jonas Brothers podcast which is only 24 seconds, this Mugglecast runs AN HOUR AND 15 MINUTES! Yikes.

The countdown begins now: from #15 to #1, here are the podcasts being downloaded more than any others this month, according to the iTunes Music Store from Apple:

#3 Podcast: WALL-E Movie Trailer


Rank "Name" (Category) Origin

Podcast #15: "Stuff You Should Know" (TV & Film) from

Podcast #14: "NPR: Talk Of The Nation" (news & politics) from National Public Radio

Podcast #13: "Filmmaker Talks: Get Smart" (TV & Film) from Apple, Inc.

Podcast #12: "Best Of You Tube" (Comedy) from Plankton Productions

Podcast #11: "Comedy Central: Stand Up [Video]" (Comedy) Comedy Central Cable TV Network

The Onion (#7) shows how to fake knowledge of politics (remember, it's a parody)


Rank "Name" (Category) Origin

Podcast #10: "Stand Up Comedy (Comedy) from HBO

Podcast #9: "NPR: Car Talk Podcast" (Automotive) from National Public Radio

Podcast #8: "Imprint: A Twilight Podcast" (Literature) from The Imprinters

Podcast #7: "Onion News Network [Video]" (Comedy) from The Onion

Podcast #6: "NPR Fresh Air Podcast" (Society & Culture) National Public Radio

How Best Of YouTube episode #357 was made: interview with guy whose invention was watched by millions on YouTube!


Rank "Name" (Category) Origin

Podcast #5: "Fact Or Ficton" (History) from

Podcast #4: "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" (Games & Hobbies) from National Public Radio

Podcast #3: "WALL-E Video Podcast" (Comedy) from Disney-Pixar

Podcast #2: "This American Life" (Personal Journals) from Chicago Public Radio

Podcast #1: "Jonas Brothers Countown To A Little Bit Longer, Episode 1 [Video]" (Music) Jonas Brothers

What do we learn from this month's top 15 podcasts?

> Podcasts' fame can be fleeting: Many quickly appear one month, then disappear the next. This means YOUR podcast may get its own moment of fame for a month, then fade into obscurity.

> It's content, not length, that matters: length of top podcasts varies wildly. Listing from super short to uber long we find podcast #1 at 24 seconds; podcasts #3, #7 and #10 run between 1 and 3 minutes each, podcasts #2, #4, #6, #9, #10 and #11 are the longies, ranging from 45 minutes to an hour twenty!

> Podcasts can be BIG business for TOP shops: look at the high number of giant, national or international corporations in this month's list: The Jonas Brothers' record label (#1), Chicago Public Radio (#2), Disney-Pixar films (#3), NPR (#4, #6, #9, #14), HBO (#10), Comedy Central (#11), and even Apple (#13) is "getting smart" by podcasting their interview with hot moviemakers who are putting a new twist on the legend of Maxwell Smart.

If you're creating a podcast, keep it going, because hey, ya just never know, someday your work may make this list. Make your podcast interesting, unique, and unlike anything else.

Copyright 2008 Tom Zarecki. All Rights Reserved. The ranking of the podcasts in this article are based on the "podcast" section of the iTunes Music Store as of July 1, 2008. iTunes and the iTunes Music Store are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the US and other countries.


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