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Top 5 Most Profitable Blog Topics

Updated on November 5, 2014

Anyone can write a blog but not everyone can effectively draw in an audience with rich content. The most important lesson in becoming a successful on-line writer is to be your self & chose trending topics that will best serve your readers. Remember, blogging is about what you know.

Every day millions of people search the worldwide web for a host of subject matters. Learning how to grab an audience should put you on a path of success. The first thing you'll need to get started is a good game plan. You must Find out what exactly are people searching for and how key words play an essential role in providing such information. I will list 5 of the most profitable trending topics that people look for on-line as well as information on how to use keys words to your advantage in order to build traffic to your blog or website. Now Let's get started.


#1 Health & Fitness

Who doesn't want to feel good or improve current health conditions? Think about all the areas of expertise that can be covered here such as weight loss, nutrition, dieting, exercise & natural health remedies. The list is truly endless because the need to improve one's lifestyle is essential to the average individual looking for a new start.

Millions of people search dieting ideas daily. If you have some experience or suggestions that can be added to this vast topic field, it is the way to go. Regardless of social or economic conditions, people are always looking for ideas to improve their overall health. They are also dedicated in their research for cures and solutions to their various physical ailments.

Setting up a blog or just writing general articles on this subject mater is guaranteed to earn you good profits each month. Remember, people want to look and feel better so you can't go wrong with centering a blog around this major issue.

The Importance of Key Words

As I stated earlier, key words are essential to your success. They enable your blog to be accessed online easier by millions of potential readers. For example, if your writing a blog called "Top ten fitness exercises that can help you stay in shape." You would want to use key words such as fitness, exercises, top, ten, list etc as tags so anyone typing such words in the Google search engine can easily access your blog.

Remember, your article or website should pop up on the first page of a search for the topic. You can always return to the search engine after you have posted an article and type in your key words to see if you can find your online blog. If the key words you used doesn't produce your article or blog site then go back and make changes. This may mean that there is either too much competition for that particular word or you didn't do it correctly. Again taking this vital step will guarantee your success in making money on line.

Health & fitness searches generate on average about 1.3 billions hits per 39 seconds. It's a no-brainer why It's #1 on this list. Now lets continue

#2 Money & Finances

As the global economy continues to struggle now more than ever before people are in search of ways to better save money and secure their financial futures. If you are a person who is good with money or have some insight into financial security, why not blog about it? You'll be surprise by how many millions of people are willing to hear your suggestions or opinions. After all, it's the second most searched for topic on the worldwide web. You just can't go wrong with helping others save or make money. It's a winning subject matter indeed.


#3 Relationships

Dating in general can be a daunting task simply because of the risk of being hurt in a quest to find one's soul mate. It is why so many people turn to others for advice or tips, after all who doesn't want to find love?

The Internet in recent time has become a hot spot for billions of single men and women looking to do just that. there are also millions more who are already in relationships but are having trouble sustaining them so they are searching for help on-line.

If you are a happily married person & have much experience in this subject matter why not lend a few pointers to someone else while earning money for your efforts? You can never go wrong with this topic. It never gets old. People want companionship so if your lucky, they will come to you for advice.

#4 Pop Culture & Celebrities

In an ever more increasingly celebrity driven society, Internet readers are in constant search of the latest celebrity trends, gossip or news. For whatever reason our society have become obsess with pop culture as it relates to the rich, powerful & famous among us. People love celebrities. We all have our favorite entertainers regardless our our age or gender. Hollywood is an huge market. From sports athletes, to musicians & actors, there are endless areas to choose from. Blogging about a popular or relevant celebrity can bring in the big bucks but you must be ahead of the competition. Always make your blog stand out with rich content, facts, polls & breaking news. If your on point with your information. Millions of readers will come to you for their latest dish of celebrity news. My advice to you, just take a page out of the best celebrity blogger ever Perez Hilton. there is a reason why millions come to him everyday for their latest celebrity gossip.


#5 Current Events

Blogging about current events is always profitable. Who doesn't want to know about what's going on around them? Current & local news stories are guaranteed to earn you big bucks on-line. Most people have no time to sit in front of a television so on-line news have become the first place where current events are searched for and shared. This is a huge market and can gain you massive profits for those blogger's who are informed in delivering the news as it happens.

This concludes my article on the best blogging tips that will earn you big bucks on-line. Once again, thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave your comments below. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Best of luck in your quest to become a successful on-line blogger. One last note, the more you write, the better you will become so don't give up. Hard work, time & effort will eventually pay off. For those who are serious about their success, you will in the end succeed.


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