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Top 20 Best Vines and Short Videos of All Time (2018)

Updated on April 2, 2018
poppyr profile image

Poppy lives near Tokyo with her husband and likes to read novels and play video games, especially fantasy RPGs.

YouTube is, without question, the biggest website on which you can watch videos. These clips can vary from full documentaries and the latest music videos to hilarious memes. It is a place where people can express their creativity, discuss controversial topics, perhaps make some money, and maybe even get famous.

Vine started in 2013 and was widely popular until 2016. People from all over the globe uploaded short looping videos, usually around six seconds long, making jokes, pulling pranks, and more. Some people got huge success from Vine but unfortunately, the website didn't last long and there are various vine compilations on YouTube labelled things like "R.I.P. Vine."


Vine lived and died quickly, but we still love to go back and enjoy some hilarious vines as they're quick and often extremely creative. I have compiled a list of my top 20 favourite vines and short videos of all time which are sure to give you a laugh.

*Please note that some of these videos have strong language. They will be marked as such.

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20. Nerd Vandalism

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: Jack and Jack

This pair often make vines about white and nerdy stereotypes, and this funny vine is delivered spectacularly.

19. Do You Like Squeaky Toys?

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: ImBranan

Someone plays the part as Mickey Mouse and pets a cute dog. But the puppy has different ideas. It's amazing how the guy stays in character through the whole thing.

18. Do You Trust Me, Son?

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: Jordan Burt

A father teaches his son some life lessons about trust. Jordan Burt is a great YouTuber and he plays the part of a slightly nerdy "Dad" that made the joke even better.

17. I'm Dying

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: unknown

This clip has been shared hundreds of times for the kid's hilarious panicked reaction to falling off his bike. It stays funny no matter how many times you see it.

16. It's Going to Eat You!

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: unknown

I don't normally find videos where kids get hurt or scared funny, but this is a mean dad joke that his daughter completely fell for. It's the kind of thing my dad would do to me when I was little. I'm sure in a few years she'll look back on this and roll her eyes.

15. Pee Prank Gone Wrong

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: Lance210

Another public bathroom prank goes wrong when the prankster pours a little too much water on the victim. The sounds in this video are just perfect, making for a hilarious moment that we also kind of hope the prankster got a beating for.

14. You Look Like Beyonce

Age rating: 16+
Uploaded by: unknown

A guy tries to mess with a random girl and gets some amazing sass fired back. I love her attitude and the way she manages to deflect his teasing. It remains one of my favourite vines of all time.

13. Turn Your Mouth Into a Cereal Bowl

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: unknown

This silly video just begs the question, "why?" The answer might just be "because it's funny." All the dishes are dirty, so the obvious solution is to eat from your friend's mouth. The guy's reaction to having a huge amount of cereal and milk poured into his face is amazing.

12. How to Face Your Fears

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: WeTeachUHow2

This YouTuber teaches us how to face our fears. The timing is excellent, making us all wonder how many takes this took. Whatever the case, it's a simple yet super funny joke.

11. This Boy's Got His Free Taco

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: imchasen

This lad is smug and happy about getting a free taco. Then he is punished in the worst way possible. It's unclear if this was on purpose or an accident, but the timing couldn't be more perfect (or harsh).

10. I'll Knock the Black Off You

Age rating: 12+
Uploaded by: King Bach

Another great vine by King Bach is bumped to the top ten not only for the perfect delivery but the unexpected ending as well. I love everything about this vine.

9. To Talk to a Customer...

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is excellent at doing voices and is well known for his Stewie Griffin impression. He decided to try this on an Apple staff member and the results are great. His funny facial expressions and reactions won a spot in this article's top ten.

8. Smack Cam Street Sign Knockout

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: unknown

There are some classic "Smack Cam" moments but this one is my favourite by far. The poor victim just didn't see it coming.

7. Not to Be Racist or Anything

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: unknown

Have you ever been in a situation where you just can't help bursting into laughter with your friends? This girl tries to say something but just can't stop laughing. It's so silly and ridiculous that it quickly became a favourite of mine.

6. Baby Whenever You're Ready

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: Chloe Fey

I love it when girls act silly and this vine caught me completely off-guard when I first saw it. It still makes me laugh even though I've seen it dozens of times.

5. Fresh Avocado

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: unknown

A woman finds a Del Taco store offering "fresh avocado," but the letters aren't placed very well. I love her excitement and mirth as she films this iconic vine.

4. Firing Gun Prank

Age rating: 16+
Uploaded by: Lance Kale Jackman

A young man decides it'll be funny to make his brother jump by firing a gun behind him. His sibling's response is hilarious.

3. Daddy?

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: kali tbh

Someone runs up to the little boy, possibly to see if she wanted to make him jump. Instead, he looks them up and down and says "Daddy?" I love the person's reaction; it had me laughing so hard the first time I saw it.

2. Following Fat People

Age rating: all
Uploaded by: Sam and Colby

The guys who filmed this were incredibly gutsy. At first, I thought the music was added later until I saw the saxophone; then I lost it completely. It's a truly great vine.

1. There is Only One Thing Worse

Age rating: 12+
Uploaded by: n/a

This is a short clip from the TV show Neighborhood Patrol Episode 2: Pedo Hunt. It is silly and incredibly well filmed. Perfect meme magic and my favourite vine of all time.

Vines are a branch of humour that is quick, often silly, and can quickly go viral. There are thousands of vines out there and although the website itself is considered dead, these hilarious moments will live on, forever to be referenced and quoted. What is your favourite vine or short video of all time?

© 2018 Poppy


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