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Top 3 Budget Graphics Cards

Updated on January 17, 2019

So we all know that graphics card prices are through the roof right now some people are saying that it's a terrible time to get into PC gaming some people want the cryptocurrency market to crash and worst of all some people are saying that it's time to switch back to consoles no hold up there are still some solid budget graphics cards out there that will still get the job done let me show you.

Hey Everyone I am Hassan Aijaz and today I will share with you 3 Best Budget Graphic cards that is cheap and also run all your games with good FPS

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Hey welcome today I'm going to be showing you three solid budget graphics card options while you either wait for these prices they get back to normal wait the Snipe a good deal or just wait for the next generation from Nvidia or AMD the three graphics cards that I'll be showing and benchmarking today are actually three of the top four most popular graphics cards on the Steam Hardware survey the number one most popular graphics card by Steam users right now is the GTX 1060 and that used to be a heck of a sweet spot for price to performance but honestly the price is just way too high right now to even consider a budget graphics card so moving down the list the second most popular card is the GTX 960 followed by the 750 Ti and then the 1050 Ti we'll be reviewing all three of these today what's crazy to me is that over 30% of Steam users owned one of these three cards there are dozens of graphics cards out there so these must be worth it right before we get into benchmarking though let's quickly talk about price

GTX 960

let's quickly talk about price the GTX 960 is only one generation behind the current gen and I found that in the past week on eBay they've sold for anywhere from $50 all the way up to 150 but it seems that the average is right around that $85 range.

GTX 750ti

the GTX 750ti is now two generations behind the current gen it's selling anywhere from 50 to 100 but I honestly wouldn't pay more than about 65 for this card because a ton of people had these back in the day and a lot of them are being sold now.

GTX 1050ti

The GTX 1050 Ti is a current generation card so it'll probably be tough to find use I personally paid 150 for mine when it first came out and it was always at MSRP but at the time of making this video it will be tough to find it new for even less than 200.

Now remember those prices that I just gave you could easily double next week or even be cut in half next week so don't go crazy about the current price the only thing that we're here to do today is see how these can play some current games.


For testing we're going Use Arctic CPU cooler and this is rocking an i7 4790k overclocked to 4.4 gigahertz 16 gigabytes of ddr3 RAM and MSI gaming 5 motherboard and all of the games are installed on a Samsung 840 Evo SSD


All right so the first game of the benchmark had to be an easy one so I started with CSGO I was actually able to keep the settings the same across all three graphics cards and you can see that the GTX 960 actually slightly outperformed a 1050 Ti the 750 Ti could certainly keep up with these graphics settings although if you do want a little bit more consistency with those lows you could bump it down to medium and you'd be safe.


The next benchmark was pub G would you guys probably know by now is a very CPU intensive game I honestly don't like putting this game in my graphics card benchmarking videos but since it's so popular and I would have got asked a bunch of time in the comments I had to include it I think a good sweet spot with the 1050 TI and 960 is 1080p and medium they performed almost identically and for the 750 Ti I had to bump it down to very low but we still got a solid 61 FPS average with some tight frame brains.

3. Overwatch

Next up was overwatch the 960 and 1050 TI could handle 1080p ultra with the resolution scale locked to 100% there's still only a margin of error in between them and for the 750 Ti I bumped it down to 1080p medium and got some solid settings be aware that if you were gaming on a 144 Hertz monitor you could drop the settings on any of these cards and get those higher frame rates.

4. Call of Duty world War 2

the next benchmark was called duty world war 2 which may be a surprise to those who haven't played it yet we all know the hate that Cod gets every year but the graphics this year specifically are pretty demanding and the game actually looks very nice for all three cards I kept it at 1080p in extra settings and you can see that we averaged over 100 FPS on the 960 and 1050 Ti and the 750 Ti could still hold strong at 66 fps.

5. Assassin's Creed origins

The last benchmark was Assassin's Creed origins only because this game is very demanding to run one of the most demanding games honest right now and it included an in-game benchmarking tool which makes it easier for me the 1050 TI 960 sweet spot was at 1080p and medium you definitely could not get down too low to get closer to that 60fps mark and the 750 Ti definitely struggled to hang even at 1080p low but like I said this is a pretty demanding benchmark.


so with all those benchmarks I think it's pretty safe to say that all three of these cards are performing very well in their price range I would personally say the sweet spot is the GTX 960 only because the 1050 Ti is going to be pretty tough to get it a good price but even if you can only afford the 750 Ti you're still good to go in 2019 please don't let all these crazy prices sway you away from getting into PC gaming you can still certainly build a solid gaming PC at a budget price you might just have to snipe some deals well that wraps up my review / benchmark at the top three most popular and budget graphics cards make sure you guys let me know down in the comments section if you're going to pick one of these up or what graphics card I should look at next.

© 2019 Hassan Aijaz


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