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Top 3 Features of Windows 8

Updated on March 2, 2012

Windows 8 is the newest operating system in the Microsoft family. People’s expectations are growing every day that Microsoft windows 8 will be the best yet release. If, you want to try it out yourself there is currently a version available for consumer testing. Many already have and are getting one of the first glimpses into the newest release form the tech giant. There are tons of new bells and whistles along with a whole new source code that is allowing the tech giant to start again. It looks extremely promising to those of us waiting for it.

There are three things thought that may set Microsoft windows 8 apart from other operating systems here they are.

•Calling and Communication – Calling and communication have never been one of Microsoft’s strong suites. They have always played a small role in it, but mainly those functions were reserved for third party applications like Skype. There are going to be fully fledged calling software native in the OS. This is going to put a lot of pressure on those companies like Skype that are going to have to work harder to prove their software is better. It will integrate all the features of a regular phone call, voice mail, call forwarding, and call waiting among others. People will be able to make free, or cheap long distance calls via a VOIP system.

•Tablet Interface – With apple and Macs going the way of tablets their popularity is still booming. So, why not make an operating system with the ability to feel and look likes a tablet. At least that is Microsoft’s way of looking at it. Yet, they may be on to something that many people are going to enjoy. But, do not worry, for those old time windows folks like I can switch it back to a native 7 mode. The new look and feel of this type of interface will have a touch screen capability. Giving people the ability to have computers in any room of the house connected via Lan, and simply call up or touch where they want to go.

Intuitive Design – The new design still promises to be extremely appealing to the eye. After downloading the consumer release preview, it really is extremely eye appealing. The graphics abilities of windows 8 are enormous and will require a lot more computing power for those that want to upgrade. What you can do with the touch of a mouse is going to exhilarate you at every flip of a picture. Videos will now be able to be seen in true 3d capabilities.

Now there is a tremendously a lot more that is going into the next release of Microsoft windows 8. These three are just my favorite options. There are other questions people are asking like how will it network? Is there a business version? What about a slimmed down professional or enterprise version? These are all valid questions and Microsoft will answer them in time. New information is coming out daily so keep an eye out for the net newest feature to be found. Microsoft was hoping for a new way to look at the windows operating system, and I believe that it has done it. Let’s hope all the hype and promises live up to all our expectations.


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