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Top 5 Addictive Games For Your Smartphone

Updated on August 12, 2016 is a popular game that came out in 2015. Why is this an addictive game? Your goal when you play this game is to become the biggest blob. Now how do you do so you might ask, well that's simple, you move around and eat the other blobs! This is an online game where there are tons of other people just like you playing the game. You can play on the desktop and on your phone. There's even a feature where you can play with people from smartphone to desktop. There are a few side features as well, such as easter egg names that will change your blob skin based on the name. Although most players are people who play this game on school computers when the teacher isn't looking, it's so fun and addictive, you'll be wasting your entire afternoon before you even realize it. So try this game out for yourself!

Subway Surfers

Did you like any of the Temple Run games? Well you're in luck! Subway Surfers is one of the many traditional infinite runner games. If you don't know what an infinite runner is, it's a game where your character is constantly moving and your only form of moving is usually jumping or hopping side to side. Like Temple Run, Subway Surfers uses similar controls such as swiping up to jump and swiping left to go left and right to go right. In Subway Surfers, you start off as a boy running from the subway inspector (obviously to avoid getting in trouble). The main objective in the game is to get the highest score. You can compete with your friends on who can get the better score. Collecting coins and sustaining yourself without hitting any of the trains raises your score. If Temple Run kept you on your phone for hours, you'll love this game for sure!

Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2, a well made sequel to that addictive smartphone game we all loved, Don't Tap the White Tiles. This is a simple rhythmic game with the objective of only taping on the black tiles. As boring as it sounds, this game is most definitely not. Similar to that game a lot of you may remember playing long time ago, Tap Tap revenge, you tap the tiles to raise your score. There are options to make the tiles go faster, slower, or normal. Like the first tile game, there are different modes in the game for you know, when you get sick of playing the same mode over and over again. As you keep playing, you can earn checkpoints to start off at a high score instead of starting from scratch. Although this game seems way too simple and bland, it'll keep you on your smartphone for hours just as much as the other addictive games.

Quiz Up

Quiz up is a fun game that surfaced the AppStore back in 2013. Now I know what you're thinking, Really? A quiz game? What could possibly be fun about a quiz game? Well, to start things off, you can choose from many of the topics you know in a trivia game based way. The objective of this fun game on the smartphone is to see who knows the most about the topic. Both players will take a live quiz with a timer and a set of answers to choose from. There aren't any in app purchases, so you won't have to worry about all those pay to win players out there. The best part about this game is, not only do you have fun playing with people live, but you can actually play with your friends. Get ready for a whole lot of arguing and fighting with your friends, just like Mario Party, this game will ruin friendships!

Crossy Roads

One of the most popular games on the AppStore and Google Store back in 2014 is, Crossy Roads. Now, don't let the 8-bit graphics turn you off, because this game is crack. Your objective in the game is to cross the road with obstacles to come your way. This game has many characters you can unlock, so for all your chicken haters out there, this is good news for you! Earn many achievements throughout playing this game. This game is essentially a randomly-generated take on Frogger, where players initially control a chicken trying to cross highways and rivers to get as far as possible, because the world is endlessly scrolling behind them, and an eagle will come and swoop them up, which is a good enough reason to get in gear. So if you're ever looking for a game to kill your time with, download Crossy Roads and give it a try!


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