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Best Antivirus Programs Free and Paid Review

Updated on October 15, 2015


Nowadays, we became all aware of scams and phishing websites and E-mails, along with websites who try to install Trojans and Worms, the danger we could face if we didn't know how to react with the proper caution, our photos, credit card details, such personal and private info could be jeopardize to a foreign invasion from sources we may or may not know or recognize, Therefor installing an Antivirus has become a necessity in now world.

Antivirus Helps protect our PCs against all those viruses, spyware, and Trojan horses by filtering our E-mails, website, we log in and secure data connection when entering personal details such as Credit Card No and passwords of such nature.

AVAST Software s.r.o.

#1 AVAST Internet Security

I really can not see any real cons about Avast, Let us say that Norton slightly stole Avast Number one spot, and the revenge is really soon.
For years I have been using Avast and never had notice a problem with it as so ever, it has produced the security I need for surfing the Internet as well as shopping and doing online banking transactions.

I feel secure on the Internet knowing this product is working in the background helping to keep my Internet use as safe as it can be.
The greatest thing I have noticed and liked about it, it runs smooth I do not see any unnecessary notifications as so ever, and when I do, it is whether to update the database or saving me from a threat detecting some malware or virus.

So besides working as an undercover guard. It is really effective and easy to use, its simplicity makes it one of the best and easiest anti-virus software of its kind. I Have used it for several years and will continue!
Sometimes I feel bad because I used their free version more than I should, so I guess paying for a license this time made me a true supporter of this product, because it is really worth it ask anyone who used it before, and I am sure they will say the same.

I highly recommend it for everyone, if you have time to read other reviews of people who tested the software at Amazon or any other selling websites, so you would have no worries when you decide to use it.

How to install Avast for one year for FREE

Kaspersky Lab ZAO

#2 Kaspersky Internet Security

Year after year, Kaspersky has gained a worldwide reputation of fighting and detecting virus before they take an action, since it started in 1997

When a box pops up to enter a password, Kaspersky has a box that pops up telling you your keyboard is protected, Safe Money lets you add websites that you shop from and gives you an added layer of security. If you visit a questionable website, you will receive a warning before you proceed.
This is more than just a basic anti-virus program, But, it only costs a little bit more than other regular anti-virus software.
The interface is effectively organized, it is only one time setting your preferences and you let the rest to Kaspersky without constantly monitoring it or updating the database.

Another great thing is that Kaspersky allows you to install it, in 3 different PCs family discount sort of speaking, it is really nice to see some antivirus who allows that, because most of them they allow only one.

The Term "Computer Virus" was coined by Fred Cohen

A markerViterbi School of Engineering -
Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089, USA
get directions

Frederick B. Cohen went to University of Southern California's School of Engineering, which now is known as Viterbi School of Engineering

Symantec Inc

#3 Norton 360

As a long-time user of Norton antivirus products, I appreciate Symantec's continually improving those products. "Norton 360 Multi-Device" is no exception to that process. The ability to install this software on multiple devices, from a desktop to tablet to a smartphone in their latest version.

I require enough security that I can safely pay bills online and order from websites I trust. And the last thing I need is something conflicting with my OS. Norton gives me security and smooth running "Norton 360 Multi-Device", is a real plus.

"Norton 360 Multi-Device" can be loaded from the disc or you can input your key number to upload online. The process takes about 20 minutes. Assuming a previous version of Norton is on a particular device, rather than loading the entire product only the updates are uploaded. Further, once Norton is installed, it updates continually.

Older versions of Norton appreciable slowed down my desktop. As with the 2013 version, Symantec has eliminated that problem in "Norton 360 Multi-Device". Creating a Norton account can also be valuable. I lost the disk for Norton earlier this year and had to uninstall the software and reinstall it. Because I had the key number and a Norton account, I was able to load the software back onto the desktop.

I am really sold on Norton. I recently had a terrible virus., They were able to pinpoint the virus, quarantine and remove it. They also told me about the software I had on my computer that was not compatible. Sure enough, everything ran smoother, when I removed a few of the things he suggested.

Tip: I recommend purchasing your Norton software new each year rather than renewing online. The cost is generally lower and there are often rebates and promotions available.

My Best Personal Antivirus of all time is

5 stars for Norton 360

Bitdefender Inc

#4 Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender as it was declared in PC Magazine, it is from the best antivirus software out there, the high performance with beautiful interface makes it a heavy weighted champion.

Whenever I try to access my banking site, automatically it alerts me that it is safe to open banking sites through safe bank explorer and it is very secure, there is no hanging in the system and it runs in the background with great power and with a soft touch.

Easy to install and use, very unobtrusive with no reduction in computer speed. Rated by many professional reviewers as the top anti-virus software.

The real con about it, is the customer support if ever needed, they do not get in touch so quickly, who needs a doctor for a doctor.

McAfee Inc

#5 McAfee Total Protection

I have used McAfee for many years, It does a good job as expected.

McAfee Antivirus has no problem keeping it up to date. The security and antivirus software is able to update automatically, watches mail, analyse websites before loading the full content etc.
Never been tapped with anything bad while McAfee watches, and delivers updates often enough to stay on top of the newest threats.

McAfee waits for an opportune time to run an update, so your performance isn't affected, Since it is owned by Intel, recently acquired a couple of years ago, gives me more trust in this product.

McAfee support is really wonderful if ever needed.

Which Antivirus is The Ultimate Winner?

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Let's make this hub a discussion place where we share our personal review of the antivirus we are using, to help other users decide which Antivirus suits each PC.
There are some Antivirus can't handle a PC with low system requirements, what do you think about that?

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    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 3 years ago from USA

      I do like AVAST better than AVG but now Avast wants me to pay for it and that I am not going to do. My trojan killer is open all of the time. At night, I not only shut down my computer, but I unplug it as well. I read somewhere by doing that, it stops the nasties from attacking.

    • aminebombom profile image

      Amine 3 years ago from Doha, Qatar

      you are right Trojan killer can be helpful and better at times than Avast, but in clock round is it better than avast! Thanks for passing by

    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 3 years ago from USA

      I have Avast and it misses a lot of malware. I use Trojan killer. I have had McAfee and Norton, got rid of them, never again for those two.