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Top 5 Best Application to turn your Android Phone into a Wifi Modem

Updated on October 12, 2012

Now a day’s smart phones are widely popular in the world of Mobile Technology. Smart phones can be made even smarter by choosing the right applications. All you have to do is to choose the right software from the Android market, which contains millions of applications with different functionalities. Today in this hub we are going to see top 5 android applications, which would turn your Android Phone into a Modem, so that you can make the most of your internet.


PdaNet is one of the famous tethering tools, which is available almost for all the platforms. With the help of this application you can connect you smart phone’s data connection (i.e.) 3G or Normal GPRS to your PC or Laptop with the help of USB cable/WIFI or Bluetooth functionalities. You don’t have to root your device to connect to internet. This apps has additional SMS agent app for you to send and receive SMS from PC. The trial version of this application is available for free download in the android market and the full version cost you around 25$.

Android Tether

Android tether application is great tool to share internet from you android Smart phone to your laptop/Desktop. The only drawback with this tool is that, the software has to be installed in both PC and Android device. It only supports tethering via USB. The main advantage of this app is that it is very simple to use.  The Full version of this application will cost around 9.95$ and you can also download the demo version for free from the android market.


Easy Tether

If you are looking for a perfect tethering tool in terms of cost and value then Easy tether application is the one you are looking for. With cost less than 10$ this application serves the purpose of tethering to the best. This application also has the option for free file time upgrade. You can download demo version of this app for free from the android market.


Tether for Android

This app is the best to opt for if you are a high end user. This tool provides data transmission at high speeds up to 7 Mbps. It supports both USB and Bluetooth option. The full version of this application will cost around 30$ and demo version is available for download at android market.


Barnacle WIFI tether

The Barnacle WIFI tether application turns your android smart phone into a WIFI device through which you can connect data transmission to PC/Laptop/XBOX/PS3 etc. This application is completely free for download but the only disadvantage is that you need to root your android device in order to use this application.

That sums it up. Do leave us with your feedback on which app you have tried and which one is your favorite.


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