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Best Android Web Browsers 2014-2015-Android/iOS/Windows

Updated on July 28, 2014

Browsers are the main sources for the Mobile phones and Computers to connect Internet to their Mobile phones and Computers.Now a days,Android phones are ruling the Internet Market.Even Google receives 40 percent of it's traffic from Mobile Phones.There are almost 2 Billion Android phones present in the world.So,the usage of Browsers has increased steadily.That is reason for the release of all these Latest Android browsers all these days.

But,what is the best browser for your Android phone ? .I know you all here to know about that.I'm here to help you out.Here i will show the top 5 best android web browsers which you can install on your Android phone via Google Play store.These rankings are given according to the number of users and their Ratings.I hope you all will like this list.

3.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Opera Mini

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the world's most famous and most used Android web browser specially designed for small and Smart Android phones.It serves it's uses for iOS,Android and even Windows platforms.It is available for the users for free.You can anytime download it from Google Play store for free and install it on your Android Phone.Their main source of revenue is Advertising and Paid Bookmarking.

Actually,Opera released it's first browser for PC.It was a big success when it was released in 1996.Later,Google chrome thrashed Opera in terms of number of Downloads.As a flight mission,they have prepared this browser and named Opera Mini.This was a Big success.No other Android web browser would beat it for a long time.In 2012,according to statistics,it had nearly 170 Million users which would have reached 300 Million now.It has 4.4 rating from Google play store and has nearly 300 Million downloads from Google Play store at present.

UC Browser

Another Fantastic Web browser released for Android,iOS and Windows Smart Phones.It was developed by UCweb company in the year 2004.It also released this browser for Operating systems like Java,Symbian and Blackberry.It had great competition with Opera mini during it's release.But still,it managed to be the second most downloaded Android Web browser in the world.

It has huge user community in the countries like China and India.Since those two are the most populated countries in the world,there are nearly 500 Million active UC Browser users in the world at present.It's size is nearly 13 MB and it is available in Google play store for free.

Maxthon Android Browser

Maxthon Android browser or Cloud browser is a freeware web browser available for platforms like Windows,Mac,Linux.That is about Web browser released for PC.They have also released Maxthon browser for Smart phones.It is available for platforms like Android,iOS and even Blackberry.They have released this Application in 2003 (11 years back).It still gives competition for many of the latest Android web browsers.

It's size is nearly 30 MB and it is available in Google play store for Free.It has nearly 10 Million downloads with a 4.6 rating from the users.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome mobile browser is similar to its PC version.They have mainly developed this browser for Android operating system.They have released the first BETA version in selected countries on June 27,2012.As it passed all the tests,they have released it worldwide.It is available in the Google play store for Free.You can download it from Play store at any time without any cost.

It's interface is very simple.It is not so complicated when compared to the other Android browsers.It has nearly 100 million downloads from the Google play store and has a user rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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    • FullOfLoveSites profile image

      FullOfLoveSites 3 years ago from United States

      Even before the advent of smartphones, I have been trusting Opera Mini. I first used the app on my Nokia 6300, and now on my Android smartphone. It's user friendly.