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Top 5 Desired Features in a Smart Phone

Updated on September 20, 2013

How many of you own a smartphone? Is it your first one, or have you had several over the past few years and really like the new features and expanded capacities that are coming along? I am absolutely amazed at the capabilities of these devices and the potential is beyond belief! I have read some interesting articles as well as having done some research on a couple of recent hubs that I wrote that involved top 5 emerging technologies. Development of the various types of mobile platforms was at the top of the list of emerging technologies … and, rightfully so as more people opt out of their land line phones in lieu of their mobile phone. More businesses are even using cell phones and tablets instead of personal computers to conduct their business more efficiently. Let’s talk about some top 5 features that are desired in a smartphone.

Internet Access and Increased Speed

Our society has become so mobile that people are abandoning their land line phones in lieu of using cell phones to keep in touch with spouses, workplaces, friends and even the kids! Many people find it more cost effective to do this when they are looking for ways to trim the budget as prices for everything else goes up and wages and hours are plummeting. In view of this trend in personal cell phone activity, more of those same people are choosing smart phones because they have more flexible access to email and the internet as they are on the go. And the internet connection speeds are getting faster and faster. This amazing top 5 feature in mobile smart phones allows users to locate phone numbers, search for products and services, receive and send email all over the world…and some even provide Skype services so you can actually conduct a telephoto conversation with someone!

Interactive Games and Applications for All Sorts of Activities

This is a top 5 feature you won’t want to do without. How many times have you found yourself waiting for someone or waiting for something for a long period of time and thought you would go nuts with nothing to do? You know what I mean; like you’re in a doctor’s office, the waiting room is full and they are running an hour behind; or you’re in the drive through line at McDonald’s or your favorite pharmacy and the line is wrapped around the front of the store; or if your date is late arriving and you’re trying to stay cool about it. What do you do to fend off the boredom? Well, my smart phone has become quite handy in these times. I have downloaded several games and I can play solitaire alone or interactively; I can play Words with Friends or even Candy Crush anytime I wish. I can read my email, send text messages, research products and services, check the weather, catch up on local and national news, watch movies or Youtube videos, read books on the e-reader app and even listen to music while I wait. I can say “boredom, take a hike!” and ease the level of stress and frustration in a situation that I really can’t change anyway.

Camera / Video Recording

This top 5 feature is one I use a great deal. How many times have you been somewhere with your family and experienced a “Kodak moment” without your camera? It would be my guess that it has happened to all of us at least once if not hundreds of times. You ask yourself why you did not think to bring your camera…and the answer is that you didn’t expect the trip to be a picture taking event. No more missed “Kodak moments” need ever occur if you have a cell phone that is equipped with a digital camera. Some of these cameras take pictures that rival some expensive real cameras and they are so much handier. You can link up with your computer and download the pictures later to save and print or email.

Is little Suzie starring in a play or cantata at church or school? I’ll bet you will want to record her part for posterity….or at least for Grandma and Grandpa to see later…maybe you might even wish to blackmail her when she is older and she brings that special someone home to meet mom and dad (ha ha). But whatever the situation and wherever it occurs, you always have the ability to record it for viewing later or saving as a memory via the camera / recording feature of your smart phone.

Office Programs with Document Creation and Editing

This top 5 feature is absolutely essential for many businesses and their mobile employees. There are many different operating systems for smart phones and tablets but most of those platforms offer some type of office program that allows the creation and editing of documents. If you are an executive or a sales representative and your job keeps you on the road while still requiring reports to be created and submitted, then this top 5 feature is likely one you use daily. No longer do you have to be tied to a physical desk or cancel that outing with the family to meet that report deadline or create the text or slide show for that important presentation on Monday morning. Using the email and internet top 5 feature, that report can be on the boss’s desk before you ever step into the office on Monday morning.

Mobile sales representatives are most likely praising this top 5 feature on a daily basis as more and more of them are turning to tablets instead of even laptops to bring information and reports to their customers. These tablets allow them to access the internet and millions of websites to obtain answers to customer questions that would otherwise have to wait for physical research to be done.

Text, Video and Photo Messaging

This top 5 feature has partially been covered in the sections above. The versatility of this feature is limited only by your imagination and your ability to learn the technology that operates it. There are many special family moments and other events that can be preserved in memory with your smart phone. With your smart phone, you can even take the picture of little Johnny taking his first step and text or email it to Grandma or Uncle Harry. If you’re into the social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can even upload the photos to those sites for network viewing.

These are the top 5 features that I look for in a smart phone. I know a lot of people who have them and use them as I do. You may have one which has some of these features but have never utilized them. If this is the case, you owe it to yourself to learn how to fully experience the amazing features of your mobile device.


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