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Top 5 Dropbox Extensions For Professionals

Updated on December 26, 2015

Expand Your Cloud With Dropbox

Dropbox is one of those services that doesn't need an explanation. Although the free storage space offered by Dropbox (2.5 GB) is less compared to those offered by its competitors like Google Drive (15 GB) and OneDrive (15 GB) , the Dropbox client is the simplest client among all these storage services and this feature of Dropbox makes it more popular.

Another important feature of Dropbox is its ability to work with other Cloud apps. There are number of cloud applications like IFTTT, MOVER etc which can be integrated with Dropbox to expand its capabilities and automate Dropbox on the go.

This Hub explains the popular cloud applications for Dropbox which can be used for both professional and professional needs.

What do you think is the advantage of Dropbox over similar services ?

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Upload Files To Dropbox ?

Dropbox as we know is a file storage service, any user can upload files to their Dropbox account and share it with friends and family without any restrictions like bandwidth limit or number of file requests. But what if you want others to upload files to your Dropbox account ?

For example let us say you are a fashion designer and your clients need to send you photos and documents on a daily basis.

You can use an email account to receive photos and documents from your clients but you will need to check for new mails and download those documents and photos, considering your clients they need to use their email accounts every time they need to send you documents and photos.

But what if Dropbox has an option to allow others to upload files to your Dropbox account ? Without a doubt we can say that it will be a great alternative to email services. You will not require to check for new emails, no need to check the "Junk" folder, everything that your clients send you will be will be synced to your computer or mobile devices.



DropItToMe is a service which allows others to upload documents to your Dropbox account. It is a simple concept, when you register an account with DropItToMe you will be able to create various "upload pages" where others will be able to upload files to your account. These upload pages will be protected with a password so only those who have the password will be able to upload files to your account.

Before using the service, you need to check for the presence for "DropItToMe" folder in your Dropbox account and if it is not present then you will need to create it in the root folder. All the files uploaded to your account by others will be present in the "DropItToMe" folder.

The service is free to use but only files less than 75 MB in size can be uploaded to your account using this service.


File Security and Privacy.

Cloud services like Dropbox,Google Drive, One Drive are great services to ease daily tasks and backup files and folders online. But what about the security and privacy of the files stored inside these services ? All of the cloud services can be accessed with a username and password, what if a bug in the security system exposes your account?

We have seen security issues with Dropbox and iCloud accounts which exposed lot of user accounts and even was the reason for celebrity scandals in the past. Even though we are not celebrities, we need to secure our privacy and data from hackers and cyber criminals. The best option available is to encrypt the files before uploading to these cloud storage services. There are a lot of free and paid file encryption software available today to do the job.

But what if you forget to use the software to encrypt the files before uploading the Cloud services ?
So it is clear that If you plan to use an encryption software to protect your data then you should always remember to use it before uploading the files to your account.

Is there an alternative solution to do the job?

Yes, BoxCryptor is a software which can encrypt your files automatically before uploading them to the Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive , One Drive etc.



BoxCryptor is a software or offline encryption client available for both Mobile and PC users. With BoxCryptor users don't need to think of encrypting the files before uploading them, after installing it on your device it creates a virtual drive which is used to add files to your Cloud hosting service. The virtual drive contains locations to the sync folders of your hosting services, when you add files the files will be encrypted using the encryption key before saving them to sync folders. You will be able to view the encrypted files on the BoxCryptor drive only, in the sync folders the files will be shown as an encrypted file.

Although it is free to use BoxCryptor for personal purposes, you will need an unlimited business licence to use it for commercial purposes. BoxCryptor provides the option to create both offline and online accounts to save the encryption key and create account to use the service. For advanced functions like groups you will need to upgrade your offline account to online account.

The unlimited personal plan provides the option to work with unlimited cloud providers at the save time and encrypt the file name also. The business plan provides the option to create groups and use it for commercial purpose.

Source or simply called as Mover is a service to transfer files between your cloud services so that you don't need to download files from one cloud service and re upload them to another cloud service. By using the service you are saving both time and money as you don't need to wait for the files to upload and pay for the internet bandwidth to upload and download these files.

Mover provides the option to transfer files between different Cloud services. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc are the services or connectors (called as connectors in Mover) available in the free account and Amazon s3, Dropbox for business, SFTP etc are some of the services or connectors available in the paid accounts.

There is no data transfer or bandwidth limit for any accounts.



IFTTT is a service to automate your online activities , you can do all sort of things like track your sleep hours, workout hours , latest product available on online retail websites like BestBuy etc.

IFTTT is like a flowchart for programmers , IFTTT stands for "IF THIS THEN THAT" . The main idea behind IFTTT is to connect different services by an action. For example you can use IFTTT to get an email when a file is uploaded to your Dropbox account.
Each service in IFTTT is called as a channel and when these channels are connected by an action it is then called as a recipe.

All channels can't be connected together in IFTTT, channels can be connected together only if there is an available recipe for it. When you select a channel , list of available triggers will be displayed for that channel and after selecting the trigger the final action is to select the end channel for that trigger.


Popular channels in IFTTT includes Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Instagram, Evernote etc.


5.Send to Dropbox

Send To Dropbox is another service for Dropbox which enables users to send files to your Dropbox account via email. When you signup for the service, you will be provided with an unique email address which you share with your clients or colleges to send you documents or photos. Unlike IFTTT, you don't need to configure anything here.

The default email generated for you by the service consist of both numbers and letters, if you need an email address that is easy to remember for everyone you need to upgrade your account. The files send to your Dropbox account using this service will be in the folder named "Apps/Attachments" , this folder is not shareable with anyone so you will need to move the files between folders if you want to share these files. The service offers good speed and reliability , all the files send using this service appeared pretty much instantly in Dropbox.

Which of the following services have you decided to use?

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