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Top 5 Emerging Technologies

Updated on September 7, 2013

I have been doing some reading about the top 5 emerging technologies. It seems this is a pretty hot topic and there is a lot of stuff out there about it. The “top 5” designation seems to vary based upon where your interest lies and who is doing the research. Many of the articles that I have read recently have dealt with mostly information, mobile and research platforms. This hub will talk briefly about those technologies and an upcoming hub will address some others that I found which I feel are equally important to watch.

Mobile Applications

As more and more people and companies feel the need to stay in touch and work on the move, the technology for many mobile applications will become more important than we have yet experienced. There are many more people everyday who opt to purchase and use a “smart’ phone instead of the old reliable cell phone that makes and receives calls and may take a reasonable digital photo. Many people are even opting out of their land line phones in lieu of cell phones for themselves and family members. Everywhere you look, you find banks, social media and even many businesses advertising their own application so that you can do your banking, do business and keep in touch with all of your friends on the go. I think you will see this top 5 technology popping up with an “in your face” frequency as time goes on.

Mobile Platforms

This top 5 technology includes mobile operating systems like IOS, Android and BlackBerry as well as HTMLs just to name a few. This technology works hand in hand with mobile applications because the operating systems have to be taken into consideration when the software wizards work their magic and create all of those cool apps for your phone and tablet. Can you imagine how difficult that must be when you consider all of the different mobile phone and tablet manufacturers?

These first two top 5 technologies should really not surprise you. The growth of these technologies, if you don’t pay close attention, could slap you up beside the head. Did you know that there are predictions that by the year 2016 there will be 760 million tablets in use? And, did you know that they are predicting that almost one-third of those tablets will be sold to businesses? Are you getting the idea yet? I have talked to many sales representatives who move around outside the confines of their business offices and visit their customers and potential customers. I am amazed by the number of them who used to only carry iPhones and Android smart phones but who are now carrying tablets of various makes and models. If a customer has a question, or if they need to know about availability of a product, the information is at their fingertips within minutes. What a giant step in customer service!

Cloud Based Application Platforms

As our computer, internet and information technologies advance, there is a need for bigger, better and more secure storage of information and files. The Cloud application platform is another rapidly growing top 5 technology. This technology allows individuals and companies to securely save their information and files in a non-physical storage area that is called the “Cloud”. By storing their information in the cloud, users could have access to their files from anywhere, anytime and for any purpose as long as they were able to access the internet. This builds on the first two top 5 technologies in that documents and files can be created and stored in the “cloud” and mobile sales reps and even private individuals could access their data anytime they need it. Exit the bulky filing cabinets, the file folders, the paper litter and extra space needed to house these things. Exit risk and emotional and psychological trauma of saving important documents, files and pictures on your home or office computer and then experiencing a crash that sacrifices everything inside your hard drive. Exit the risk of theft of any of these electronic items and the losses incurred by the theft. Enter the “Cloud” and all of the file, document and photos risks and problems evaporate.

Big Data Platforms for Both Real-Time Analytics and Batch Analytics

Big data is a term that refers to all of the information that is generated by our world past, present and in the future. The statistics show that the information generated through 2011 will likely multiply by 500 times by the year 2016. This top 5 technology is related to handling all of that data. So what data are we talking about? Simply look at the information you generate with your computer, your smart phone, your “normal” cell phone, the television, the radio, and social media…at the list goes on and on. These platforms are built to help organize and structure the dissemination of all of this information. This is vitally important the world of real-time and batch analytics as they determine trends and do other research.

Customer Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

This top 5 technology could be a really boon to customer service and predicting the needs and wants of your customers in the future. These platforms help to bring all of the information together for appropriate analysis to determine how to plan for next year’s product line, or manufacturing upgrading or even personnel management. Getting this kind of information in advance of the developing trends sooner rather than later could mean the difference between making a profit and simply staying in business. In this delicate economy we are experiencing right now, that is even more important than it may have been in the past.

Keeping ahead or at least putting some of these areas into your “watch” list is highly recommended in this age of fast paced change. Being alert to the rapidly changing environment of these top 5 emerging technologies just makes sense for both business people as well as private individuals. We live in an information age that is more involved than it has ever been, and, it promises to get even more involved as time goes on. Don’t get caught unaware.


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