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Top 5 Emerging Technologies - Part 2

Updated on September 14, 2013

The top 5 emerging technologies is quite a hot topic, as you can imagine. As I said in part 1 of this two-part series, the opinions of the top 5 technologies are totally dependent upon your interests and who is reporting them. The first article in this series discussed mostly computer software, mobile applications and platforms and cloud based application platforms. This second article will cover some other areas that bear watching in the future. Come along with me while we briefly discuss more of the top 5 emerging technologies.

Digital Manufacturing

According to Rodney Brooks, founder of Rethink Robotics, manufacturing still accounts for approximately $2 trillion annually. And, since it is still such a major part of our industrial climate, Brooks has lead the way in the development of this top 5 emerging technology -- an industrial robot that is touted to be both safe and easily operated by humans. He says it is as easy to program as downloading an application from the Apple store. The $22,000 robot can be up and running in a manufacturing site within a very short time – literally in minutes they say. They couple this industrial robot with a 3-D printing system to quickly prototype manufactured items and the development of small run and short run marketplaces for innovative ideas and you have a manufacturing package that will soon put those cheap labor overseas markets out of business.

High Speed Wireless

If the idea of having a more mobile work force appeals to you…then pay close attention to some interesting things that on are the horizon. Currently, some of the dilemmas experienced by the mobile work force are things like data caps, slow internet connections and throttling. Can you wrap your mind around your wireless network speeds increasing to 1,000 times faster than right now? Can you wrap your mind around this happening in approximately ten years? Well…welcome to the wonderful world of top 5 emerging technologies! With the advancement of digital spectrums, masses of repeaters connected to nearby backhaul lines and base stations the size of a deck of cards that are operating inside buildings, we may be much closer than you think. No longer will the mobile internet be a second fiddle to the fixed net.

Responsive Design

Consider the mobility of our work force and how they use the internet. There are millions of mobile users who use the internet daily to access hundreds of thousands of websites. If your business has a website, it is likely to be accessed by a mobile user on a regular basis. Consider the design of your website and its ability to be utilized by a wide range of smart phones and tablets, many of which require its own application and web management system to do this. How difficult would it be to design your website to be available to all of these users? This top 5 emerging technology called Responsive Design would create a design that would adjust to the equipment being used to view it. How cool is that? We all know how important it is to achieve and maintain a user friendly interface with our customers.

Education Tech

This top 5 emerging technology involves people. With the advent and increase of big data, cloud technology and all of the above mentioned corporate mobility, can you imagine the type of skills that are going to be required to make all of this work and work efficiently? Most companies probably don’t have people in their employ who possess the skill set needed – and the number of those with the appropriate skill set that will be needed will be massive – how will they manage all of this technology?

They give estimates of the jobs to be filled by 2015 world-wide is in the neighborhood of 4.4 million IT jobs. In the United States alone, the number is 1.9 million IT jobs. Sounds great, doesn’t it? On the surface, it is a great prediction, however, it is estimated that only about one-third of these jobs will be filled due to lack of qualified individuals. The CIOs of our companies are going to need to mandate their corporate training programs toward filling this need.

This training issue also opens the door for a new group of companies who specialize in disrupting the current education model. These companies would focus on fixing the training issues for individuals but they could also be used for businesses as well.

Small Data

This is an interesting top 5 emerging technology, indeed. It seems that big data expectations are pretty much based upon a one-sided deal. Their customers allow them to stealthily collect data on their web activities in exchange for free service and applications on Google, Bing and Facebook, to name only a few. The ideation of anonymity is quite a myth, you know. Do you really think any sane individual can or will read and understand all of those pages of privacy rights and rules? The end result is that the customer’s information is auctioned in the digital marketplace.

Consider a method that allows users to get their information back and then be able to parcel it out in return for something more than free email. Users could expect to be part of the advertising/media mix instead of being a target for it. This could become an increasingly more important aspect of business as more companies opt to do business on digital platforms that are also one of the top emerging technologies. The individual customer’s control over this information could likely reorganize concepts like lead management, customer nurturing and many other activities that need persistent use of this information.

All of this certainly gives us plenty of food for thought, doesn’t it? If you are a business owner or CIO, it would definitely benefit you to stay abreast of this changing business climate and these top five emerging technologies. Many of them work and complement each other in their technological components. Our world is changing fast and it will take a good deal more to keep up with emerging trends to keep your business at the top of its game. Don’t get caught unaware!


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