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Top 5 In-ceiling Speakers from Cheap to High End | In-ceiling Speaker Buying Guide

Updated on February 21, 2015

In-ceiling Speakers

In-ceiling speakers are getting more and more popular because of their sound quality and space saving design. They are designed to sit recessed into the ceiling. Some in-ceiling speakers can be self installed but other need professional help.

They are also called as architectural speakers. Since no wire can be seen outside, they offer sleek and minimalistic look. You can accurately set up surround sound with the in-ceiling speakers. The grills can be painted to match the color of the ceiling. They work as normal speakers.

You can install these beautifully designed speakers in any part of your home, whether it is kitchen or bedroom or bathroom or even outdoors. They save a lot of floor space and all those wires and chords can be avoided. The speakers can be installed in one room dedicated for home theater or in the whole house. Anyway it gives a clean looking environment.

Why should you buy in-ceiling speakers? Benefits of In-ceiling Speakers

  • Takes less floor space
  • Less bulky
  • No wires or cords lie around the house
  • Top notch surround sound
  • Can be set up anywhere in the house

What to look for when buying in-ceiling speakers?

  • Sound quality

Some speakers may need subwoofers for extra bass. Most of the ceiling mounted speakers have good bass because the area above ceiling acts as a cabinet. Sound quality depends on these factors.

Frequency response: It is the portion of audible range (20 Hz to 20 kHz) that can be reproduced by the speakers. 50 Hz to 20 kHz is a fairly good range a speaker can have lower frequency being the bass.

Power handling or Watts: It is the maximum amplified power output. It’s a measure of how much power the speaker can handle. Used in selecting receivers and vice versa.

Decibels dB: It is a measure of how effectively it uses the power from receiver. Higher the dB, louder the sound and less strain to the amp.

  • Size

The speaker cannot be too small or too large. Pick a size according to your taste.

  • Safety

Safety should be another important concern. Look for UL-listed speaker wires for fireproof and shock proof.

  • Design

Mostly the in-ceiling speakers come in circle shaped. There is no special reason for this. Wall mountable speakers are more like square shaped. Choose what you like.

  • Special features

You should also consider some of these special features according to your need.

Swivel tweeters: Using this type of tweeters, you can direct high frequency sounds to certain parts of the room. The tweeters can be adjusted accordingly.

Bass and treble control: You’ll never know the base and treble levels before installing the speakers because it depends on room and construction. With the control of bass and treble, you can adjust these in your own way to enjoy movies, music or games.

Moisture shield: If you plan to install the speakers in humid areas like bathrooms or outdoors, you may need to consider speakers with moisture protection.

For dedicated music listening or home theater, sub woofer is a must.

Anyway, I hope now you got an idea of what sort of speaker you need now. In-ceiling speakers are great addition to any home considering the sleek and attractive design and other benefits. There are numerous choices available for you to buy one. There are good and bad. Here I list the best in-ceiling speakers you may want to check out from cheapest to expensive.

#5 Pyle PDIC60

This 2 way in-ceiling/in-wall speaker delivers excellent stereo sound in any room. Each unit is 6.5’’ round shaped with 1’’ high temperature voic cone and directable 1’’ titanium dome tweeter. It has maximum power of 250 watts and impedance of 4-8 ohms. Overall the music and sound quality is very good for the price.

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

See the dimension and price below.

Pyle PDIC60
Pyle PDIC60

#4 Polk Audio RC80i

Polk Audio RC80i is a 2 way in-ceiling speaker which produces incredible stereo sound. The speakers are easy to install and you can barely see them. The grills can be painted accordingly. It features 8’’ mineral-filled polymer composite cone and 1’’ ring-radiator tweeter with 15 degree swivel mount. The speakers produce amazing clarity and well balanced sound. They are rust resistant, moisture resistant and durable. Therefore they can be installed in kitchen, bathroom or even outdoors. There is a tweeter level switch that controls the highs and lows. Overall Polk Audio RC80i is total bang for the buck.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Polk Audio RC80i
Polk Audio RC80i

Buy Now @ 58% discount | $139.99 only

Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way In-Ceiling/In-Wall Speakers (Pair, White)
Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way In-Ceiling/In-Wall Speakers (Pair, White)

A review: "Great sounding speakers and very easy to install."


#3 Bose Virtually Invisible 191 speakers

You’ll be amazed to see this flush-mount speakers blend in so beautifully in your home. These are virtually invisible with excellent surround stereo sound. The Articulated Array speaker design delivers spacious and natural sound no matter how large or small the room is. And the Stereo Everywhere speaker performance delivers balanced sound at all parts of the room. The speakers are easy to install and rectangular and round grills are provided to choose from. The grills are paintable so that the speaker goes hidden, literally. The proprietary ported enclosure technology ensures low frequency signals directed to the listening area.

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Bose Virtually Invisible 191
Bose Virtually Invisible 191

Pictures | User Reviews | $298.00

Bose Virtually Invisible 191 speakers (Pair)
Bose Virtually Invisible 191 speakers (Pair)

A review: "These speakers are very easy to install and sound great."


#2 Yamaha NS-IW280CWH

Yamaha NSIW280CW features 6.5’’ polypropylene mica cone woofer and dual ¾’’ dome tweeters. The SoundMax technology delivers high clarity sound with minimum distortion. It has a 100 watts maximum input and the tweeters can be swiveled.

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

Yamaha NS-IW280CWH
Yamaha NS-IW280CWH

Buy Now @ 43% off | $87.28 & FREE Shipping.

Yamaha NS-IW280CWH 6.5" 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System (White, Pair)
Yamaha NS-IW280CWH 6.5" 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System (White, Pair)

A review: "I am an experienced home theater buff and am currently running these speakers with a 3.2kW 7.1 custom installed system in my home. I could not be happier with the performance of these speakers."



Speakercraft AIM8 Five features the Accu-grill design to reduce unwanted acoustic noises. The fully directional in-ceiling loudspeaker can be perfectly hidden behind the ceilings. The Speakercraft AIM8 Five features 8’’ pivoting and rotating woofer and 1’’ pivoting Aluminum/Magnesium tweeter. The tweeter can be directed to listener. The front mounted switch allows for up to 3dB of bass and treble adjustment. The speaker can handle 5 to 150 watts power and has a cut-out diameter of 248mm. The American made quality with awesome engineering makes Speakercraft AIM8 Five unique and expensive.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

SpeakerCraft AIM8 Five
SpeakerCraft AIM8 Five


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