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Top 5: Useful iPhone Apps

Updated on September 17, 2012
Top 5: Most Useful iPhone 4s iPad 2 and iPod Touch Apple App Store Apps
Top 5: Most Useful iPhone 4s iPad 2 and iPod Touch Apple App Store Apps | Source

Following the massive success of Apple's iPhone's, iPod Touch's and iPad's comes the Apple App Store, an application distribution network that works similarly to iTunes for users of the Apple products that allows developers to independently develop their very own apps for use on Apple's iOS.

Since the birth of Apple's App Store literally hundreds of thousands (725,000+ to be more specific) have been developed, some completely useless, others very useful! I've had an iPhone 4S since February 2012 and since that time I've sifted through a mere 200 or so apps, here is my list of what I think are the Apple App Store's Top 5: Most Useful iphone 4s iPad 2 and iPod Touch Apple App Store Apps.

Convert Units
Convert Units | Source

5. Convert Units

by Thinking Drone, LLC

Nowadays, unit converters are almost an absolute must and do come preloaded on a lot of mobile phones, the exception however is the iPhone, which, although does come with some useful utilities, does not include a unit converter. Convert Units by Thinking Drone, LLC is a great little app that allows you to convert everything from currency (with live exchange rates) to volume.

Wi-Fi Finder
Wi-Fi Finder | Source

4. Wi-Fi Finder

by JiWire inc.

If you find that you're quite often eating into your data while you're out and about, try using JiWire inc.'s Wi-Fi Finder instead, this neat little app takes your current location and shows you all the public Wi-Fi hotspots near you, so you're never without free Wi-Fi!

DMD Panorama
DMD Panorama | Source

3. DMD Panorama

by Dermandar

Here's one for the photographers out there: Dermandar's 'DMD Panorama' allows you to easily take stunning panoramic images of your surroundings and share your masterpieces on facebook and twitter, wherever, whenever.

Flashlight | Source

2. Flashlight

by iHandy inc.

Flashlight by iHandy inc. is another one of those 'must-have' apps and is one of the simplest on our list of the Top 5: Most Useful Apple App Store Apps, at number 2 on the list iHandy inc.'s Flashlight app is just that! A flashlight, the app turns the LED flash on your iPhone on permanently while the app is in use, it has 9 different pre-set flashes from a steady blink to SOS in morse code and even has a built-in compass that uses your GPS for accuracy.

There are more than a few flashlight apps on the App Store, but with this particular app's range of useful features, the application's not only sleek but useful design and ease of use, iHandy inc.'s Flashlight app gets the nod!

RedLaser | Source

1. RedLaser

by eBay inc.

RedLaser is perhaps one of the most useful Apps on the Apple App Store. This clever little app uses the camera on your iPhone as a barcode reader and QR scanner. So, how does it work? Start the app and focus your iPhone's camera on the barcode of just about any item and the app will do a quick, automatic, search for the same product online comparing prices from not only all major retail outlets but online stores as well to find you the best possible price for your item.

If you think that's useful, the app also has a built-in QR Code scanner, and with QR Codes becoming more and more common to see around it's helpful to have something to scan them all with on your phone!


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    • F Palladino profile image

      F Palladino 

      6 years ago

      The flashlight is actually very useful. Much brighter than the screen is.

    • shuck72 profile image


      6 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks I added the red laser useful info.


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