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Top 5 Services to Create a Business Website in 2017

Updated on March 3, 2017

By establishing online presence, you avail plenty of benefits, irrespective of the niche you specialize in. You encourage more users to explore the services and products your company offers, attract the attention of new clients, grow the customer base and, eventually, get a chance to withstand niche competition. These are only a few advantages you get when launching a website of your own.

Suppose, you have realized the importance of building a website to grow your business. What’s next? What measures should you undertake to create a website of your own? Actually, you can choose between several options and the choice depends upon your business goals, preferences, budget etc.

If you have enough money to invest into your project, then you can hire a freelance web designer or even a web studio team to create a site for you. However, this option is not the best choice for the owners of small and medium-sized companies, who just start their businesses and have limited budgets. This is where website builders come into play. These platforms are flexible and easy-to-use and you can always select the one depending upon your requirements.

It makes sense, however, to do a bit of research in order to define the platform that is the best value for your money and meets your current business goals. Fortunately, the selection of website builders is quite impressive nowadays and makes it possible to choose the most suitable option. Described below are some of the most attractive features of the best and the most popular website builders out there:


uKit is an easy-to-go website builder and this is what makes it one of the best choices for any entrepreneur, irrespective of the business niche he/she specializes in. It is specially developed for small/medium businesses and offers a rich choice of high quality business templates.

uKit is flexible, simple, user-friendly and functional. Even a newbie can explore and master its features to launch a successful business site in less than no time. Visual editing options, responsive templates, understandable dashboard and affordable plans are only a few features that speak in favor of this website builder.


For the owners of local businesses, who aim at promoting their websites in a particular area, SITE123 is the best option. This is because the website builder has over 15 localizations and, thus, can be selected by the entrepreneurs willing to target the local markets.

What’s more, SITE123 offers a rich gallery of responsive and fully customizable business templates one may browse through to select the option that adheres to the needs and requirements of a certain niche. Another advantage of the website builder is its affordable pricing policy, which differs with regard to the country a user lives in. These are the major features that make SITE123 a smart choice for the entrepreneurs running small and medium/sized businesses.


Bookmark is a relatively new product in the web design market. However, it has already distinguished itself as a reliable, functional and flexible website builder that can be used for a variety of purposes, including business website creation. It’s a nice choice for promo websites and landing pages.

The choice of templates is somewhat limited in Bookmark, but each template is unique and comes with its own structure that makes it possible to customize it with regard to the needs and specification of your business. As of today, Bookmark is implementing an advanced Artificial Intelligence option, which allows creating more impressive and appealing websites. All in all, Bookmark is definitely worth your time and attention.


Webydo is the website builder, which features powerful functionality and comes with a set of impressive options. However, it is also the most expensive option reviewed in this article. That is why, it better suits the needs of professional web designers and experienced users rather than newbies.

Webydo offers a broad range of features, including a convenient drag-and-drop option, intuitive dashboard, user-friendly and appealing interface, clear navigation to mention a few. Due to the availability of three web design modes - Design, Content and Preview – it makes it possible to watch and control all the stages of the web development process. With Webydo, you can use pre-designed templates to customize them with regard to your needs, develop the layout of your website or design a brand new project from scratch.


When it comes to Wix, this website builder is a top choice for users, who wish to create stunning, functional and appealing business websites that will be the best value for the money invested. This is not just a standard website builder, but a cloud platform that is in demand with millions of users across the globe.

With over 300 versatile responsive templates that ideally meet the needs of any business, a convenient dashboard, intuitive interface and affordable plans, Wix deserves to be ranked high in the web design niche. The website builder also abounds in site customization options and has an integrated WixApp Market that makes it possible to choose between hundreds of versatile applications and services that can help solve any business task. You’ll definitely find the template and options you need to get your business website running effectively with Wix.

Must-Have Elements for Business Website in 2017

Regardless of the web building platform you choose to create your business website, it should additionally possess a number of must-have elements to become appealing and successful. The major elements include:

  • Reliable Hosting and Domain Name. Free plans offered by the prevailing amount of website builders do not allow connecting your own domain names. Instead, they come with subdomains that have negative impact upon the credibility of your website. This will hardly be a nice feature, if your aim is establishing reliable online presence and getting revenue through the effective promotion of your business. By upgrading to one of the paid plans, you will solve this problem, availing lots of other notable benefits for your business advancement.

  • Convenient and Simple Navigation. When it comes to the success of your business website, navigation proves to be one of the top elements. By making the navigation bar convenient and easy to reach, you will save your users’ time and effort. As a result, they will be able to find the info they need quicker, which increases your chances to convert ordinary visitors into returning customers. Make sure to place the navigation bar at the top of the page and/or in the footer and… get ready to watch the increase of conversion rate.

  • Call-to-Action. A clear and enticing call-to-action is one of the success factors of your business website. Make sure to include CTAs on all the pages of your business website, but try to approach the process wisely not to give them an aggressive or overzealous look.

  • Contact Info. Regardless of your business specialization, availability of the contact info at your website is a must. The more available they are, the easier it will be for your clients to find and make use of them. It is preferable to place the contacts in the visible webpage areas so that the users could see them without the need to scroll down. The contact data should include your business address, telephone number, email, Skype, social media accounts, operating hours, feedback forms and other info you consider important.

  • Testimonials and Reviews. It goes without saying that users are more prone to dealing with companies that look trustworthy and credible. By making client testimonials and reviews available at your website, you grow your customer trust and contribute to the success and promotion of your business.

Bottom Line

The role of website builders in the creation of effective, functional and potentially lucrative websites has become essential during the recent years. This has triggered the increase of demand for powerful, flexible and user-friendly web building platforms that can be equally used by the newbies and professionals.

Consequently, the choice of reliable website builders has increased as well, making it possible to choose the most suitable platform with regard to the business specialization. Fortunately, modern website builders have a variety of features to offer business owners today. Take a look at the options discussed above to make the deliberate and well-argued decision.


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