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Top 5 Solid State Hard Drives

Updated on November 12, 2013

Best Solid State Hard Disks Drives 2013

People nowadays are prone to buying solid state hard disk drives and there is only one simple reason for this – they are faster than your regular hard drives. Solid state HDD, or SSD (Solid State Drive) achieves this speed by actually simulating the mechanical functions of regular hard drives, hence the name solid state as these hard disks do not contain any kind of a movable part. The old mechanical hard drives use a series of platters being read by a spindle, therefore requiring constant movement when the user is accessing information. This constant mechanical action is what causes HDD failure in most cases. Solid state hard drives on the other hand emulate this by using electronic NAND flashing technology, which allows for a faster and safer access to information stored on this hard disk drive.

Now that we have technicalities out of the way, let us talk about the use of solid state hard drives. These hard disks are usually used as a booting drive for operative systems, because they will increase the boot time and performance speed of the operative systems. Other than that, solid state HDD provides a faster access to your files, therefore it could be used as your file storing device, plus a great option for gamers or music/video producers and graphic artists. There are a lot of different solid state hard disk drives out there, with different capacities and performance aspects, that is why it could be a bit of a hassle to compare and contrast them all. This is where we com in, as we have done the research and therefore saved a few hours of your precious time. Through this research we have come up with the top five solid state hard drives on the market that are sure to satisfy anyone. So, we proudly present to you the top five best solid state hard disk drives on the market.

SanDisk Extreme

SanDisk Extreme solid state HDD is one of the best on the market. Built with noise reduction in mind and intended for low power consumption, this hard disk will definitely speed up your laptop or PC. The sturdy design offers protection from vibration and shocks, so it will definitely last longer. With solid state hard disk drives being used in general for system booting, games and video software, you can bet on it that SanDisk will deliver the desired performance in those fields. With 240 GB, this hard drive could be used for a lot of things, plus the amazing reading speed, 550 MB/s, and the writing speed of 520 MB/s are great factors when it comes to speed of data access in general.

SanDisk Extreme is compatible with any computer that has a 2.5 inch hard drive, which is an industry standard. Besides the option to purchase it in storage capacity of 240 Gigs, you can also purchase this drive in 120 and 480 GB of storage space. When it comes to power consumption, this drive offers a great performance and puts the old mechanical hard drive to a shame. This will make your laptop battery last longer, plus with the sturdy design you do not have to fear for the mechanical parts failing. When you take all of this into consideration, plus the excellent price, you can see why we have included this product on our list, as it is one of the best solid state hard drives on the market.

Plextor M5P Xtreme

Plextor M5P Xtreme is a great SSD that is both reliable and fast. With amazing SATA III interface and incredible 512 MB of cache, this drive will speed up your computer in no time. The sturdy design is very reliable and you can feel safe when you carry around your system, as this SSD has no mechanical parts, pus it is reinforced against shocks. M5P is compatible with any computer that has a 2.5 inch hard disk drive, therefore most of the PC systems and laptops can be improved with this SSD. With this solid state hard drive, you can have a faster access to your files, faster system boot time and better load times in video games.

With 256 GB of storage space you can save your system on it, a lot of video games and software that needs to be run faster without any problems. With reading speed of 530 MB/s, you do not have to wait anymore, as this device enables you a speedy access to your files, plus the writing speed of 440 MB/s improves your saving and installing time significantly. If you are tired of waiting for those old mechanical hard drives to bring up something you have been searching for, then this SSD is a perfect investment for you. Taking into consideration all of the features, performance aspects and the excellent price this solid state hard drive is a worthy entry on our list and is definitely one of the best out there.

Corsair Force Series GS

Corsair Force Series GS solid state hard drive is definitely one of the best on the market, and this fact is based solely on performance aspects, so when you add the awesome price and great compatibility and features, you get what is maybe the best SSD disk out there. This SSD has the SATA III interface, but what makes it great is the backwards compatibility with SATA I and II respectively, plus it is supported by every operative system out there. It can be connected to any computer with 2.5 inch hard drive bay, but it also comes with a 3.5 inch converter for your leisure. This hard disk has a very sturdy design which makes it a very reliable device that is almost fully shock resistant.

This hard disk has 240 GB of storage space, which is more than enough, but besides being available in 240 Gigs, this device can also be purchased in 180, 360 and 480 GB of storage space. With noise reduction and power consumption, this is a well worthy upgrade for your PC or laptop – especially if you consider the sequential reading and writing speeds which are 555 MB/s and 525 MB/s respectively. Corsair GS will definitely bring out the best out of your system, video games and software, as it is designed for high speed. When you take all of the performance aspects and features, plus an amazing price, this solid state hard drive is one of the best out there and is definitely worth every penny you pay for it.

Kingston HyperX 3K

Kingston HyperX 3K is an overall excellent solid state hard drive disk. This hard disk is built with speed in mind and will boot up your system in matter of seconds. Plus, it is a great device for gamers, as it reduces load times immensely, especially with newer games where it increases frame rates per second for better gaming experience. With SATA III support, you can plug this hard drive into any computer that has a 2.5 inch connector. It is also compatible with 3.5 inch connectors via the bracket and mounting screws. The sturdy design and no mechanical parts mean that this hard disk drive has increased life span and is almost shock proof. The storage capacity of this solid state hard disk drive is 240 GB, which is more than enough for your games, software and operative system.

Of course, if you want more or less storage space you also have the option to purchase this device with 90, 120 ad 480 GB of storage capacity. With reading speed of 555 MB/s your PC or laptop will be revitalized and more powerful. The writing speed of 510 MB/s enable faster file transfer, especially when it comes to bulky files, and also adds to the faster multitasking process. HyperX 3K is designed with gamers in mind, so you might consider this device as an aiding tool in your virtual entertainment. All of these features, performance aspects and an amazing price, this product is a worthy entry on our top five list and is without a doubt one of the best solid state hard drives on the market.

OCZ Technology Vertex 450

Vertex 450 by OCZ Technology is an excellent example of well made SSD. Designed by longtime SSD experts, this solid state hard disk drive adds the performance, productivity and energy efficiency to your system. The sturdy design makes this device reliable and silent, plus with the added feature of SMART monitoring this SSD will monitor itself and report the results to you instantly. Since solid state hard disk drives are all about speed, Vertex 450 maybe the best one out there, with 540 MB/s of sequential read speed and the amazing 525 MB/s sequential write speed. With just 7 millimeters of height, this device is compatible with modern smaller notebooks. Plus, it comes with a cloning software so that you can easily transfer your system and files onto it.

With storage capacity of 256 GB, you can easily store your system, files, video games and software onto this SSD, and if 256 GB is not enough for you there is also a version with 512 GB of storage capacity. Besides the 512 GB, this SSD is also available with 128 GB of internal storage. Shock resistant and noise proof, this device is almost indestructible. Vertex 450 is compatible with computers that have 2.5 inch connector and 3.5 inch connector, with the 3.5 inch connection available via adapter. To sum it up, the performance aspects, features and the excellent price make this hard disk a worthy entry on our list of top five solid state hard drives and therefore it is surely one of the best SSD drives on the market.



Solid state hard drive disks, or SSDs, are all of the rage at the moment, especially when it comes to gamers. These devices simply improve your PC or laptop in numerous ways, with the important improvement being the read/write speed. With greater read/write speed you can have faster system boot time, faster load time in video games and, of course, faster transfer of data. It does not really matter for what you want to use an SSD, it can get a little tricky to find the most suitable one. That is why this list was created in the first place, to offer you the best solid state hard disk drives on the market in all price ranges. We have selected five of them through our research and we hope that we have aided you in your quest of speeding up your system by purchasing a solid state hard disk drive.



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