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Top 4 WaterProof Cases and Bags for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Updated on August 12, 2016

Water Damaged Phones Are Not Repairable

Did you know that the main cause of irreparable damages to iPhones are water damages? You may think this will never happen to you, but even your own sweat can cause water damage to your phone. There are some technicians out there that claim they can fix phones suffering from water damage, but research shows that most of them can not reverse the damage done to your phone. Besides, even your insurance won't cover the phone if it has been dipped in the water. So, If you are looking for a case that will protect your iPhone from water damage you will find out that there are many choices out there. There are cases, bags, and even boxes that are waterproof for mobile devices. Everyone's needs are different, so different types of cases provide you with choice that will hopefully match your needs. In this post, I will discuss top 4 cases and bags to provide you with the solution of protecting your iPhone from water.

Water Damage Can Cause A Lot Of Mess

I Dropped My Phone In The Water, What Now?

There is really no cure for that type of damage, so better prevent any water from getting too close to your device. There are cases and there are bags that are waterproof, both of which serve different purposes. Cases are usually designed so that you can have it on everyday, while bags are protective covers that should only be used when you don't need your phone. The following table will outline the difference between the two and later on I will review the best top 4 brands and models of cases for you to choose from.

Difference Between Cases and Bags

Waterproof Cases
Waterproof Bags
Touch Screen Functionality
Full body Protection
Other Phone Functionalities
Designed for Everyday Use
Costs More than the Bag
Costs Less Than a Case

An Example of WaterProof Bag

WaterProof Bag
WaterProof Bag | Source


As you can see from the image above, a waterproof bag (as the name suggests) is a bag that can prevent water from going inside the bag. I personally used one of those and I have to tell you, they are made for going to the beach. I think that is the primary use for that bag. Even though touch screen functionality works through the bag, it is not as easy as it is with the case.

An Example of WaterProof Case


The image above shows you how the cases usually look like. They are made just like most other cases out there, the only difference being is that these cases offer water proof features. Like Otterbox Defender cases, they are a bit bulky at times, but provide good protection.

Top 4 Cases and Bags

Now that you know the difference between cases and bags, let's get into rating best cases and bags for iPhones. According to Google, the first 3 top selling waterproof cases are all made by Lifeproof, so that is my number one pick.

1. Lifeproof Waterproof Case.

I didn't just choose this case, because Google says it is a top seller, but rather from personal experience. I used and still use Lifeproof for my iPhones. Why? Because they embody all of the necessary features and provide the best protection. Life proof case can be used everyday and they look and feel really good. These cases add some bulkiness to your phone, but I think the payoff is well worth it. Some of the features of the case:

  • Up to 100 ft waterproof, so you can use it even under water, for taking pictures for example.
  • All of the features of your phone are fully functional
  • No need to remove the case to use the phone
  • Touch screen, microphone, speaker, camera, etc are all functional
  • Provides really good protection against drops, shocks, and scratches

Important Notice: They are not so easy to put on and not easy to remove. It took me few minutes, but it is not like a regular case. Since you don't have to remove everytime you want to use phone, that should not be a problem.

Waterproof Testing Lifeproof

2. Naztech WaterProof Case

Naztech is not a well known brand, but I am a big fan of their products. Specifically their water proof cases are very well designed and protect phone from water really good. Very similar design to Lifeproof and provide all the same protection and features. Phone is fully functional inside the case and Naztech cases also look great. I rated Lifeproof Number 1, because of the brand. Naztech is cheaper than Lifeproof, so If you are looking for an alternative to Lifeproof, here we go, choose Naztech.

Naztech Waterproof Case

3. Ghostek Atomic

I am rating this product number 3, simply because I have not gotten a chance to use it for too long. I have had a long history with Lifeproof as well as Naztech, but to my knowledge Ghostek is a new waterproof case. The design of the case looks great and all the functions are fully functional. It is also number 3, because it's price is similar to Lifeproof. Life proof has established brand that everybody loves, so if you are ready to put out so much money for Ghostek, might as well go with Lifeproof. You can find Ghostek cheaper on Amazon, so check them out.

Last But Not Least

At Spot number 4 is the waterproof bag. It is made by Cellet, which is also not a very well known brand, but makes a very god quality and more affordable accessories. Cellet's waterproof bags are very affordable and made of high quality. I actually own one, which I take to the beach when I am not using my Lifeproof Case. This is not an everyday use bag, so do not recommend using it as case. Really good quality and it is waterproof tested up to 67 feet.

Comparison Of All Cases

Very Affordable
High End
Mid Range
Top of the Line
Top of the Line
Everyday Use
Brand Recognition

Thanks for reading to the end, all of the 4 cases discussed above provide really good protection from water. If you are searching for the best price, try Amazon, eBay, and

Follow me for more reviews and leave a comment if you have something to say. Thanks

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