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Top 5 Ways To Recharge Battery Quickly

Updated on August 8, 2014

Everybody has gone through that classic you have to leave home for something important and to see that the battery of your despair cell is almost over.

You know you will not be able to leave the unit to recharge for long enough until the battery is with a "respectable" level of energy. And now?

First, take a deep breath. Then, remember that there are a number of tricks you can use to speed up the loading of your cell phone. To help you in these times of need, we decided to make a selection with tips on the best ways to recharge a smartphone in a quicker manner than common: check out the advice and follow those who come within its reach.

5: Switch off the gadget or turn airplane mode

Stop and think: the simple fact of being connected already makes your smartphone the battery itself consumes power. After all, the gadget has a series of sensors and antennas that are attached the time, getting the Wi-Fi signal, via 3G data, SMS messages, updates from Facebook, conversations from WhatsApp and so on.

So, the first tip for a more efficient charging is completely turn off your device. If you do not want to leave completely "dead" player, turn to the much less controversial airplane mode , which turns off all connections of your device.

4: Avoid USB ports

Despite being very practical and increasingly common, connect your smartphone into the USB ports of your computer or laptop is not something recommended for anyone who wants to fill the battery of their device quickly. A 2.0 port offers a load of 0.5 amps, while a legitimate charger transmits load with at least 1 ampere.

If there is not even how to avoid charging via USB, at least try to use a 3.0 port, which is capable of transmitting energy at an intensity of 0.9 ampere. Such connections can be identified by the blue colour component (in contrast with the white colour adopted in older USBs).

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3: Install Ai Charger

Developed by ASUS , the Ai Charger is a software that can force your computer to release a higher amperage electrical current through your USB ports, speeding up the loading of mobile devices that may be connected there.

Although the program has been developed with focus on the products of Apple (cannot load iPads and iPhones via USB without an external app), you can use it with any other gadget of your choice without any problem. Ai Charger is completely free to use.

2: Use a charger with higher amperage

Tablet chargers usually work with just over 2 amps. Other than that you can imagine, no problems loading your phone with a higher amperage equipment: your phone will not explode, catch fire or something.

To confirm the intensity of the charger used, observe the information written over itself: this information is referred to with a capital "A" (2.1 A, for example).

1: Get an accelerator

Although it is not officially sold in many countries, you can easily import here a miraculous gadget known as ChargeDr . Launched last year, the peripheral has the size of a conventional flash drive and being able to increase the electric current and speed charging.

Its operation could not be simpler than this: just plug the ChargeDr into a USB port of your PC or notebook and connect your device on its other end, which is also a USB port. That’s it, you are done and now your phone charges faster than before. The device costs $19.99 and supports all the devices including apple products that uses USB ports for charging.

Finally, remember that it is always good to take some precautions so that the battery of your smartphone does not drain as fast, avoiding the constant need to plug it into the outlet. If you have not seen, click here to check out our selection of applications that will help your mobile to survive for more time away from the charger.


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