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Top 5 Youtube Videos To Play For Your Dog

Updated on April 3, 2016

Tested And Approved

I don't know about you, but I love seeing my dog react to things. I love taking her for walks and watching her sniff things,. I enjoy giving her treats or food and watching her run around in excitement. I also like seeing how excited she gets when we run into another dog. She always wants to play with them and sniff them, although she rarely gets to actually approach them. I especially adore the way she whimpers when she sees that another animal or human is sad or the way she runs to me in concern when I'm watching television and gasp about something that happens on screen. She's just a big ball of love, fur, and emotions.

So, of course, every once in a while, I'll hop on youtube and play some videos for her to see if she reacts to them as well. All the videos on this list are videos I've played for her that she's had strong reactions to. I believe your dog will react to them, too.

Izzy, My Rottweiler

This is my Izzy. She's part rottweiler and a lot of people are scared of her because of it. She has a deep bark and growl, but she adores everyone and will beg for attention from anyone who comes near her.

5. Dog Whistle

My dog usually doesn't care about dog whistle noises at all. No matter how annoying the sound is to the rest of us, she usually sleeps through it or ignores it. I was starting to think that there was no such thing as a high pitch noise that can get a dog's attention.

This video worked somehow after years of failures, though. The sounds is pretty annoying to humans as well, just a warning.

It works best with the volume very loud. It made my dog approach me and her ears twitch a lot and look very curious/confused. It also works better on a phone rather than a computer.

4. Cat Sounds

This one worked better on a computer screen rather than a phone because she got curious and couldn't tell where the sound was coming from.

This might not work as well if your dog doesn't have a high prey drive. My dog does. She loves chasing cats, birds, squirrels, and lizards, so hearing cat noises instantly makes her excited.

3. Bird Noises

My dog likes chasing a variety of smaller animals, not just cats, so she got a kick out of this bird noises video. I know it says it's for cats, but it works for both!

This video worked much better on my phone than the computer screen. My dog's ears perked up, she got curious, and she started sniffing around me.

2. Friendly Dog Sounds

I like this video compared to a lot of dog sounds video because the dogs sound very happy and friendly in this video. They are obviously not a threat and there's no risk of your dog becoming frightened by the noises.

This video worked equally well on both my phone and the computer.My dog started whimpering and sometimes trying to howl at the dogs in the video back to reassure them that she was friendly, too. It was super adorable.

1. Make Your Dog Howl

This video says it's guaranteed to make your dog howl and it isn't lying. Every time I play the video, the sounds of both the sirens and the dogs howling together makes my dog howl in less than 30 seconds. It's only a minute long, but it keeps it's promise. Your dog will be well into howling by the time the video ends, even if your dog never howls.

This video worked equally as good using my phone as using my computer.

Time To Rest

Now that my dog is finished watching all those videos, she's sleepy and ready to take a nap again. It's good to entertain your dog through sounds, toys, and long walks. It keeps them from misbehaving and having separation anxiety because it makes them less likely to be bored.

So how did it go? What did your dog think of the videos? Tell me in the comments below.

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