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Top 5 eBook Readers

Updated on November 10, 2014

Best eReaders

With the development of electronics more and more people switched over to the electronic book format – the well known eBook. Because of that companies started developing their own eBook readers – devices that enable you to read your books in electronic format on the go. The convenience of such devices is very high and most people nowadays use them to get their fill of reading. Over the course of the years, ever since the first eBook reader appeared on the market, these devices were developed so as to have additional features besides the primary task of reading books. These additional features include the wireless connectivity, support of different file formats and many others. There are people out there that still love the feel of a real book, but you have to agree that eBook readers are convenient devices that let you carry around your whole library on the go. Instead of packing hundreds of books, you can simply take them with you on a small device that is designed specifically for reading.

Now, there are a lot of eBook readers out there, from bad to good and from cheap to expensive. That is why it might be a huge task for you to choose one that suits you the best. As it is in general with all of the electronic devices, the best ones are usually the most expensive ones. Still, you would be surprised that there are some products out there which are cheap, or cheaper, and which are considered to be among the best eBook readers. So, to make it easier for you when choosing your reading companion device, we have constructed the list of best eBook readers on the market. We have done research so that you do not have to and the only thing that is left for you is to choose. On this list you will find devices in various price ranges and with numerous features. So, without further ado let us present to you the best eBook readers on the market.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G

Kindle is a well known brand developed by the selling site Amazon. It is cherished and loved by many, because of the features as well as because of the library available on it. Kindle Paperwhite is the latest addition to the Kindle family and it is rightfully considered the best eBook reader out there. Let us present to you some features of this amazing product. Besides the great readability, which is probably the best on the market, Paperwhite sports a 6” display screen with resolution of 212 pixels per inch (ppi) with no-glare display.

The device is operated via touch and you are able to tilt it to landscape mode and adjust the brightness the way you want to. Battery usually lasts about 56 days, which is a great feature, and the device has the Wi-Fi integrated into it, so that you can connect to the internet with ease. Another great feature is the ability to connect on the cellular 3G network, so that you can basically access the internet anywhere you go. With books costing only $7.58 and the ability to store around 1100 (2 GB of internal memory) library eBooks, magazines and newspapers, this device will come in handy without a doubt.

The multi-language support, adjustable fonts, bookmarking ability, annotation and note-taking ability and built-in dictionary, Kindle has all of the features that you need from a modern eBook reader. All of that being said, and taking into consideration the mid range price, you can definitely say that Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best, if not the best, eBook readers out there.

Kindle Fire HD

The most popular Kindle devices are definitely in the Fire series. Kindle Fire HD is definitely popular for many reasons. Besides being your standard eBook reader, this device is also a proper media system which enables you to watch movies, listen to music, go online and much more. With the amazing 7” HD screen that supports touch and 216 ppi resolution for books and 720p for video playback, this device will amaze you with the quality of display. With Wi-Fi connectivity you can easily access internet to download new content or maybe check your Facebook account. The battery can last up to 10 hours of combined content use. There is also a built-in Bluetooth that enables another connectivity option, besides the Wi-Fi and standard USB 2.0 connections.

The storage of this amazing device can be in a form of 8 GB or 16 GB, which is a great addition to an overall great product. Read documents, look at pictures, watch movies and listen to music – all of these options are available for you if you purchase Fire HD with the awesome file format support. The cost of books is the same as for Paperwhite, but storage is significantly larger. Taking into consideration all of these features and the mid range price this product is definitely one of the best eBook readers out there, plus it is cheaper than Paperwhite and enables you to enjoy more content.


Best eBook Readers That are not Kindle

We all know that Amazon Kindle is widely regarded as the best product on the market when it comes to eBook readers. But, there are others which are also great devices that enable you to read books in electronic format on the go. You will be amazed at what some of them are able to do. Maybe Amazon has the lowest book prices and larger library, but that does not necessarily mean that others do not have awesome libraries that will satisfy even the neediest of readers. In the following section of the page we will present to you some of the other eBook readers which are considered to be among the best ones on the market.

Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch

This reader is produced by one of the largest book retailers in the United States – Barnes & Noble. NOOK GlowLight is a great product which is in the lower price range and offers almost the same features as the Kindle Paperwhite. The 6” display screen with no-glare display and 160 ppi resolution is just some of the great features included in this product. Good readability is another performance aspect which makes this eBook reader one of the best out there. The device in itself is operated by touch and you are able to adjust brightness as you wish. There is no landscape mode, unfortunately, but NOOK has other great features which immediately make you forget that fact.

NOOK is pretty much a device made for perfect nighttime reading. The battery life is about 60 days, which is awesome and with an integrated Wi-Fi connection, you are able to go online in an instant and download your books. The storage capacity of 2 GB (plus the additional memory card slot) allows you to store 1000 books in your library and the adjustable fonts, built-in dictionary and the bookmarking ability allow you to read your books how you want and where you want. The books cost $9.99 and NOOK offers a great selection of them. Considering all of the features and the great price, this product definitely deserves a spot on this list.

Sony PRS-T2

Sony is a well known brand in the electronics industry and they have ventured into the eBook reader market with their PRS series. PRS-T2 features a 6“ screen with the resolution of 600x800 pixels and is operated via touch and additional physical buttons at the bottom. With 2 Gigs of internal memory you can store up to 1300 eBooks on it, plus you can expand the memory with Micro SD card of up to 32 GB. The battery can last up to 60 days. The Wi-Fi addition enables you to go online in an instant and download eBooks at your leisure.

The display is glare-free and enables you to adjust the brightness. The library in the Sony Reader Store is not as great as it is in some other companies, but you always have an option to borrow a book from your library via the Wi-Fi connection. Stylus pen is a nice touch to this reader and allows you not to smear the screen if you have sweating problems. All in all, taking into consideration the price and the features, PRS-T2 by Sony is definitely one of the best eBook readers on the market and a great addition to this list.

Kobo Glo

When it comes to the Kobo Glo reader, it is considered to be one of the best eBook readers on the market. Some of the features that this reader has are the 6“ screen with 212 ppi resolution and the no-glare display which allows you to adjust brightness and tilt it to landscape mode. The battery life is not that impressive as it can last up to 30 days, but the Wi-Fi connectivity option and additional memory card slot, besides the 2 GB of internal memory add up for it. Glo can initially store about 1000 books on the internal memory.

The cost of the books is $9.99 and the selection is good but not as great as with the NOOK or Kindle. Still, the built-in dictionary and multi-language support are two great features that make Glo one of the best readers out there. The readability is better than on NOOK and this reader supports wide variety of formats from TXT to PDF. When you take into consideration the price, this product could be a bit better for the money that you pay. Nevertheless, it is better than most out there on the market and is definitely a worthy addition to our list.

Kobo Glo comes in various colors.


eBook readers have become gadgets that we use in everyday life. That being said, when you opt to purchase one you will want to find the best one within your budget. This list has been created for that particular reason – so that you can find your reading companion among the best ones out there.

As you can see from this list, it is not all about the money. Maybe you want multiple multimedia content to go along with the ability to read books in electronic format or maybe you want the additional 3G cellular connection. All of these choices have been presented to you on this list. It is now up to you to find yourself that perfect eBook reader you have been itching to buy for a long time. We just hope that with this article we have aided you in some way towards this goal.


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