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Top 5 recommended gaming laptops of 2014

Updated on August 7, 2014

Technology is ever evolving. Considering that computer technology is progressing rapidly. Computers are becoming lighter but more powerful. This trend is clearly visible in gaming laptops. Gaming laptops are getting popular day by day. These machines are becoming smaller, lighter but powerful. In present days a wide range of gaming laptops are available of different configuration and price. So it becomes difficult to choose a good machine among all these varieties. In order to make this task a bit easier here is a list of top 5 gaming laptops of 2014.


Alienware 18 is the latest edition to the Alienware series by Dell®. Despite being slightly bulky this laptop is very powerful and can render any PC game flawlessly. This machine is for the people who prefer performance over anything else. It comes with powerful processor and graphics card with sufficient RAM and storage. Any PC game can be played with maximum graphics setting turned on. This laptop also provide gaming optimized design for instance illuminated keyboard, large display and powerful cooling system which is a mandatory requirement of any gaming laptop. All these things are offered as a mobile platform enabling anywhere either home or outside. For hardcore non-compromising gamers this is the best possible gaming machine.


This laptop is created by targeting hardcore online gamers. It is as strong as Alienware 18 in terms of hardware power coming with powerful processor and large amount of RAM and storage combining SSD and HDD. It is equipped with Killer™ E2200 networking system giving it lighting fast online gaming experience reducing the time of server response. What distinguishes this one from other laptops is its keyboard configuration. The keyboard has been modified by relocating the start menu button to the right of the space bar reducing the chance of accidentally activating the start menu in the middle of a game. This modification comes in handy for the gamers. This machine also has a superior cooling system ensuring better hardware performance. Overall this is a very powerful gaming machine with lower price than Alienware 18.


This is another fantastic competitor for Alienware 18 and MSI GT70 gaming laptops. Like Alienware 18 and MSI GT70 this machine consists of powerful hardware and massive storage combining SSD and HDD plus 32GB RAM. Its gamer-centric ergonomic design distinguishes it from other gaming laptops. The keyboard and the display has been aligned in such a way which provide maximum comfort while gaming. Its aluminium palm rest prevents sweaty hand syndrom enabling longer comfortable gaming session. Additionally this laptop also emphasizes on online gaming by being equipped with Killer™ Wireless-N 1202 which allows this machine to transfer data faster to the server. In brief, for both online and offline PC gamers this is a great gaming machine.


Despite having less RAM and storage then the previous two machines, thin laptop is second to none in terms of portability. This laptop is ultra thin for a gaming laptop making it the lightest gaming laptop. A 14 inch display makes it optimal for carrying around at will. It has has powerful processor and graphics card capable of running almost any PC games. But lower storage becomes a downside for this machine since it can not act as a good storage device unlike other gaming laptops. Having a portable HDD can make this machine more effective for gaming. Compact sleek design with black colour makes it visually alluring as well.


This MSI product is a powerful competitor for Razor Blade. Combination of light-weight and high hardware power is its best asset. It is not as powerful as the heavy Alienware or other MSI models but surpasses Razor Blade in terms of hardware power and storage capacity. This laptop is very light for a gaming laptop. Having a 17 inch display gives it an extra advantage. It also has a massive memory of 1256 GB with a combination of SSD and HDD giving it a faster data reading and writhing capability unlike Razor Blade which compromises storage due to its size and light-weight. Equipped with all MSI gaming laptop features despite being thin and light makes this an ultra-portable high powerful gaming laptop.

System Summary

Considering the essential PC gaming requirements some fundamental information about all five laptops is stated below:

Intel® Core™ i7 4900MQ (2.8 GHz)
Intel® Core™ i7 4800MQ (2.7 GHz)
Intel® Core™ i7 4700HQ (2.4 GHz)
Intel® Core™ i7 4702HQ (2.2 GHz)
Intel® Core™ i7 4700HQ (2.4 GHz)
Operating System
Windows® 8
Windows® 8
Windows® 8
Windows® 8
Windows® 8
32 GB (max)
16 GB
16 GB
8 GB
16 GB
18 inch
17.3 inch
17.3 inch
14 inch
17 inch
Graphics Card
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 880M (16 GB max)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 880M (6 GB)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 880M (4 GB)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 870M (3 GB)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 765M (2 GB)
1250 GB (max)(SDD + HDD)
1128 GB (max)(SDD + HDD)
1256 GB (SSD + HDD)
512 GB (max) (SSD)
1256 GB (max) (SSD + HDD)

These are the top five gaming laptops of 2014 according to my point of view. First three machines is all about hardware power providing uncompromising gaming performance. Later two machines may not be as powerful but surpass the others in terms of portability. With the increasing popularity of gaming laptops a wide range of gaming laptops are being released making a highly competitive market for such machines. Prices of the five products above may vary in different countries. Despite all variables for the people who are looking for powerful gaming laptops, the five machine described above will be a good recommendation.


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