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Top 5 worst smartphones of the year!

Updated on September 27, 2014

5. Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon´s first smartphone was definitely not what we all expected. You really need to be on the Amazon ecosystem to completely like this phone. Although it costs the same (or even more) as many Android and iPhone models, the Fire Phone offers a a very limited app store, a weak performance and a very dissapointing battery life. You won't be able to access "basic" services like Google Maps or Google Now, that you would find with other Android smartphones or even Iphones. We really hope Amazon realizes their failure and prepares a more competitive successor.

4. Alcatel OneTouch Idol Alpha

We saw previous Alcatel OneTouch Idol models and they were quite competitive. Although that’s definitely not the case with the OneTouch Idol Alpha. The phone has some weird layers of plastic covering the edges of the device, and the bottom. Operating Android 4.2, when the phone launched it was about $400. Did I mention the very, very weak processor?

3. Sony Xperia E1

It really could have been a very cool small smartphone. It has a dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor. Also some nice 100 dB loudspeaker, and a dedicated Walkman key. The problem? It comes with a very low-quality plastic build, also 4-inch WVGA display. To make it worse, Sony integrated a disappointing camera, 512MB of RAM, and Android 4.3! The price is about $200, it is quite logic for this kind of phone...

2. Nokia X

Nokia launched this on February. This was their first Android based smartphone. Maybe looking forward to a better, non-windows, phone. Then why is it on this cruel list? The Nokia X was extremely disappointing in many areas: Google Play access is not permited, the display and the camera are very poor, and the overall performance is not good at all. Windows and Microsoft accepted their failure when launching the successor, the Nokia X 2.

1. HTC Desire 310

We all know HTC for it´s quality and variety, but we can clearly see how the Desire 310 was a disaster. It is one of HTC´s latest affordable smartphones but it is still too expensive. The handset is terrible in every aspects: 4.5 inch (480 x 854 pixels), shockingly bad earpiece, bad camera, and a blend of stock Android and Sense UI. On the other hand, the phone feels extremely hard and chunky in the hand. Is this worth for a $200 smarphone?

Make your choice!

In your opinion, which one is the worst?

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