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36 SEO Top Tips and Advice

Updated on May 14, 2011

SEO Quick Tips

So easy even your grandmother could follow them!
So easy even your grandmother could follow them!

Top SEO Tips I have learned along the way

Here are some Search Engine Optimization Tips that for those of you with experience in the blogging or design world probably have no problems with. For those of us who knew nothing about internet marketing when we first started, the following tips are what I have learned through research or trial and error. They are quick and easy to follow.

Here are top SEO tips that are quick and easy to follow:

  1. Content, Content, Content, I can't stress the importance of content. As long as you have unique quality content that focuses on your keyword or keyword phrase, everything else will follow.
  2. Content is king and links are its Queen. Remember this and you will go far. If there is no good reason for a site to link to you, then you do not want them too. Build quality backlinks using your keyword phrase as the link.
  3. Page ranking is an awesome thing but don't be obsessed with it there are bigger fish to fry.
  4. Be sure to have unique Keyword Title phrases on every page of your website. Company names are o.k. but lets put them at the end. Unless you are a major company your company name will not be pulling up on searches.
  5. Fresh content improves your rankings so provide fresh content on a regular basis. This adds relevancy.
  6. Remember to use keywords or keyword phrases in your text links, image ALT attributes, and even your domain names.
  7. Focus on keyword search phrases, not single keywords and put your location in your text phrase for ex: "Scottsboro, Alabama store" for local searches as opposed to "our stores."
  8. For best SEO results, don't use frames at all and use Flash and AJAX sparingly.
  9. When link building a good rule of thumb to remember is that one good quality link is ten times better than a dozen poor quality links which will actually hurt you.
  10. Your URL file extensions do not matter in the world of SEO.
  11. The quickest way to get your site spidered is by getting a good quality link to your site.
  12. Their is a difference between unique content and quality content make sure your site is both.
  13. Bottom line in SEO is text, links, popularity, and reputation.
  14. Some of your valuable links may appear in the form of newsletters and zines.
  15. Linkbaiting is good content so give them something to talk about.
  16. Give each page a focus on a single keyword phrase. Don't try to optimize each page with a lot of keywords at once.
  17. Cater to influential bloggers.
  18. You get nothing for paid links.
  19. Optimize the text in your RSS feeds just like you would in your posts and web pages. Use descriptive keywords and keyword phrases in your title and description.
  20. Use keyword descriptions in the captions for your images.
  21. It is always best to let the crawler find your site naturally. Global navigation and good quality links serve you best than relying only on XML sitemap.
  22. Pay attention to the context surrounding your links. Images can rank based on the text that surrounds them.
  23. Understand that Social Marketing is part of SEO. The better you understand sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, and Twitter the better you are able to compete.
  24. If you want your videos found by the web crawlers create a video sitemap and list it in your Google Webmaster Central Account.
  25. Use the words "image" or "alt" in your photo Alt descriptions and captions because most searches are for a keyword plus one of those words.
  26. YouTube is not the only place to get Google blended search results from so be sure to submit your videos to Metacafe, AOL, Yahoo, and MSN to name a few.
  27. Add viral components to your website or blog--reviews, sharing functions, ratings, visitors, comments, etc.
  28. If you have pages on your site that are almost the same, you can place the URL for your preferred page (you want to be crawled) into your sitemaps.
  29. It is always best to broaden your range of services to include podcasts, video, news, social content etc.
  30. Deep links from a source with high PR are like Gold. High PR indicates trust so these are the back links that will carry more weight.
  31. You get what you give. Give link love. Get link love.
  32. Expect to work on SEO daily.
  33. Make sure your call to action is clear and present or your SEO is useless.
  34. If your website is easy to use this can help influence your link building ability, popularity, and yes, your ranking.
  35. Always surround your links with descriptive text.
  36. Never try to stuff your text with keywords it simply does not work.

Build Search Optimized Great Content With The Following:

  1. Build Surveys
  2. Tweet it for potential customers
  3. Record your responses

Works like magic so don't put it off till tomorrow because you can build a road map that the searchers LOVE!


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    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      I totally agree Lands Concrete! That is what I LOVE about it! There is certainly not ever a dull moment!It is what makes it so interesting and I have always loved learning new things.... Thank you very much for commenting!

    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      I hope it has Susan. Thank you so much! I did not realize there was so much to learn when I first started writing online! There is something new everyday it seems! Hope your day is the best! Thanks again!

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I find I still have a lot to learn about SEO and your hub has helped quite a bit. Thanks so much!

    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      Thanks! It is true! I didn't realize the work that would go into all of this when I first started. Everything I have learned has been through Research, Research, and more Research! But I am loving every minute of it! Thanks again!

    • SEO-Alien profile image

      SEO-Alien 6 years ago from United States

      Freegin' great post! You nailed it! The "Expect to work on SEO daily." is so true, especially with the rise of the importance of Social Media in SEO. Relative, informative, current content is King! Submit great posts like this and use your content to get to the top of Google!

    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      Thank you very much alvinalex!

    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      Thank you very much SharkFuel!

    • alvinalex profile image

      alvinalex 6 years ago

      Great Information Thanks to share.

    • SharkFuel profile image

      SharkFuel 6 years ago

      Great SEO tips, thanks! I think that the most important for SEO experts and online marketers to get skills in keyword research, onsite optimization and link development. You have provided internet marketing and SEO tips, which are helpful for 3 these SEO stages. Very useful information!

    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      Thank you Cogerson! It is certainly overwhelming at times!

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Great advice....thanks for sharing these awesome tips....the more I learn the more I realize how little I knew when I started this hobby...voted up