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Top 6 Reasons to Use and Buy Antivirus Software include McAfee vs Kaspersky vs Norton

Updated on November 28, 2010

Top 6 Reasons to Use and Buy Antivirus

In my previous article about Best Antivirus, I have described about the Antivirus importance especially PC. Top 6 reasons to use antivirus are:

  1. Computer virus can create havoc. Computer virus can infect your computer and damage your system. Some virus may even destroy your data in your hard drive. This damage may cost you more in long run. For example, buying a good Anti-Virus may only cost you $30-$45 per year. Some AntiViruses may be free after rebate. If your computer is damaged, you may need to replace it with new PC or Laptop etc. Most desktop PC may cost about $300-$400 and most laptop may cost $400-$1500. And at a minimum, you might need to replace your hard drive, depending on its size this may cost from $40-$120.
  2. Protect your information and password. You need to protect your privacy and financial information. Computer virus can steal any information from your computer. With the current online banking, many individuals use various online financial website with login and password. Many of these websites don’t provide enough protection for your financial information and Anti-virus may provide some protection layer.
  3. AntiVirus is cheap (i.e. low cost). and some antiviruses may even free. There is no reason for not using Anti-Viruses.
  4. Protect private emails. If you are using email, you may want to protect your email from hacker or virus. Some email may contain virus or spam, and Anti-virus may be able to provide a filter for your computer.
  5. Protect others. Infected computer can infect other computer. With prevention, you can protect other people from virus infection.
  6. PC needs AntiVirus. If you use PC, you should use Anti-Virus. As many article has provide many info where it shows PC is the most targeted by Virus. Some may argue, just use Mac or Linux system. This reasoning may be true, but how about if people start using Mac or Linux. Most virus maker may target Mac or Linux as well.

The following is my top 3 Antivirus Software (2011 version). I have used these antiviruses from time to time. I would recommend these antiviruses.

1. McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011

McAfee has been the market leader in AntiVirus. With thousands of new viruses created daily, relying on traditional security updates isn't enough anymore. McAfee AntiVirus Plus instantly detects and blocks viruses. It also stops web threats before they are downloaded and installed to your PC. The latest version include 327% faster scan than last year version. The software's innovative design simplifies your security experience while offering you essential protection. Several features include:

  • One of award-winning PC protection for care free computing
  • Elite McAfee Active Protection technology; anti-virus/anti-spyware; improved 2-way firewall
  • Home screen with easy-to-understand security information and status area; faster virus scan time
  • Less intrusive alert system; better protection against unsafe websites
  • Enhanced Microsoft Outlook 2010 integration; easy account management settings

2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 defends against both known and new viruses, spyware and malware with streamlined technologies that won't slow your PC down. Kaspersky Anti-Virus keeps your digital identity and passwords safe and secure when you're banking, shopping or social networking through messenger or facebook. The latest version includes the following features:

  • It includes real-time protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits, trojans, bots and more. It also provides with technologies to keep your identity safe and secure.
  • Hourly signature updates, best-in-class unknown threat protection, and application vulnerability alerts give you complete confidence
  • It only use small PC memory, tiny updates and smart variable scanning lets your machine perform to the max
  • Your digital identity and passwords are kept secure when you're shopping, banking or networking online
  • New Desktop Security Gadget for easy drag-and-drop virus scanning and instant access to all your personal security settings

3. Norton Antivirus 2011

Norton Antivirus 2011 has gotten a new refresh by Symantec. The software can provide a step ahead of threats to your PC with fast, powerful protection from computer virus. Norton AntiVirus 2011 identifies and eliminates viruses, spyware, and other threats lying in wait to infect your PC, so you can chat, email, and share files safely. It provides a solid protection against hidden threats lurking in emails, downloads, and instant messages from messenger without slowing down your PC's performance. This definitely provides another reason to buy this software product. User will spend less time waiting for slow scans that bog down your PC computer and have more time to watch movie or surfing, download your favorite songs and videos, and hang out at social networking sites such as facebook etc.

  • Norton AntiVirus 2011 offers fast, superior protection that safeguard against viruses and spyware
  • It also prevents viruses and other threats before they can do damage
  • The update from Norton is also free of charge and it won’t slow down your PC whether it is desktop computer or laptop
  • Identify and eliminate spyware cybercriminals can use to steal your personal information
  • It can help speed up some applications which are slowing down your PC, so you can make changes to improve performance


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    • chan0512 profile image

      chan0512 7 years ago from Camarillo, CA

      Thanks Lilly for the info. Glad you like it!

    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Excellent Hub, and much needed information. I am often surprised to find that folks are surfing the WWW with no protection. AT&T offers free McAfee. :0) Thanks


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