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Top 7 Android 4.3 features you didn't know about, But You Should

Updated on December 30, 2014

1. Better Device Connectivity:

Bluetooth is a common term these days used in many wireless products such as speakers and headsets but Android 4.3 features a new version of Bluetooth. Bluetooth Smart also known as Bluetooth Low Energy, sets a new standard for low power accessories such as heart rate monitors and next generation wearable tech gadgets. Because Bluetooth Smart accessories uses much less power, this means your next generation Android 4.3 Smartphone will be able to continuously connect with such devices with minimal impact on your battery usage.

2. Knows Who You are Going to Call:

By now we're all used to text prediction in messaging apps and can attest to just how time saving such a feature is. With Android 4.3, autocomplete functionality is natively extend to the phone dial-pas as well, which will now predict and bring matching contact suggestions with just a few numbers or letters tapped in. This feature not only makes recalling contact easier, but also allows quick multi-contact selection.

3. Ultra-Realistic Gaming Experience:

Smartphones have already evolved into the perfect console for casual gaming on-the-go, but increasingly more powerful hardware, higher resolution apps and games are starting to show up. So if mobile gaming experience is more important to you, then you are going to love an Android 4.3 device such as Samsung Galaxy Note3. This is because Android 4.3 supports OpenGL ES 3.0, a more advanced version of the industry standard in high quality graphics rendering, allowing developers to create games for mobile devices with smoother 3D acceleration with higher resolution textures and more realistic special effects such as dynamic lighting and reflections.

4. Never Get Lost Again:

Finding your way around an unfamiliar town can be daunting, but if you have an Android 4.3 device, getting lost will be a lot harder to do. It features with system level geofencing and Wi-Fi location scanning, which mean quicker and more accurate location detection.

5. The 4K Equation:

4K also known as Ultra HD (UHD) is fast becoming the next standard in high definition display technology. I offers 4 times the resolution of today's Full HD 1080p displays.

6. Smarter Notifications:

One of the main features to love about Android is its robust notification service. Android 4.3 opens the doors for apps and accessories to have full access to notifications. You can perform certain actions such as returning a missed call, directly from the notification drawer itself.

7. Better Quality Entertainment with DRM:

Digital Rights Management (DRM) isn't everyone favorite acronym and is the common scapegoat for privacy concerns. However, DRM is actually the backbone of many entertainment services that allow them to deliver high quality content to you, safely and securely, over the internet. Android 4.3 includes many more DRM APIs that will make it easier for your phone to receive content on-the-go.


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