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Top 7 Things Not to do When Starting a YouTube Channel

Updated on August 31, 2016

1). Advertise in the Comments

Let's face it, we see it all the time when we look down into that thing we call a comment section; people that post links to their own channel on an unrelated video, saying that if they get X number of Subs, or Y number of likes, then they will do a giveaway, or make a video of themselves doing something stupid.

If you're thinking of doing this, please don't! All it's going to do is drag your reputation into the gutter, as the audience who came down here to talk about the video doesn't want to go to yours. As a result, these agnry viewers will likely bombard you with hatred, and once enough of them flag your comment for spam, which is what it is considered to be by YouTube, your comment is deleted and you could end up with a short-term ban.

Here's a picture I snapped of someone doing this on a video I recently watched--the two people responding were the only ones I could actually show without setting off a profanity filter...
Here's a picture I snapped of someone doing this on a video I recently watched--the two people responding were the only ones I could actually show without setting off a profanity filter...

2). Subscribe to Yourself with Fake Accounts

Very rarely is this noticeable when you first start doing it, especially if you only do it with 1 or 2 accounts; however, it becomes way worse when you get up into the range of 10 or more accounts. Just to give you an idea, here's how you'd get busted doing this;

You have 16 videos. Each one has no views, besides perhaps one that you give it yourself by watching the video. You have no other subscribers, so you think that by subbing to yourself with a bunch of homemade spam accounts, it'll make you go up higher in the suggestion box. Nope; because then, you're not getting views on all your videos. People who look at your channel see; 10 subs, with an avg of 2-3 views per video. While this could occur's not likely. especially when there are also no comments on the videos either.

Normally the best practice is to tell your friends about it, maybe some family if they're into that, or even co-workers if appropriate.

Disappointed YouTube Face is very disappointed in the number of people who do  some of the stuff on this list of things.
Disappointed YouTube Face is very disappointed in the number of people who do some of the stuff on this list of things.

3). Use Spam/Scam "Free Subs" Sites

So we've established that you don't want to promote yourself in the comments, or try to boost yourself unfairly with your own spam accounts; however, there are websites out there that offer "free subs", in exchange for your information or money.

This is a horrible idea, and can lead to you losing a lot more than just your YouTube account. Needless to say, you should avoid anything with the words "free stuff" anywhere on it, as not only is it one of the number one red flags for a scam, it's just bad ethics.

4). Ask For Subs Constantly in the Video

You ever notice the little pop-ups that some video-artists put up on the video, that pop-up and don't go away until either a certain amount of time has passed or you click that tiny little 'x'?

Now, I will stress right now that one or two of those is okay. Even three, if they all hold relevant/funny/original content, or content that affects the video or even your channel as a whole(although the description is a great place for all that...). However, don't ask for subs in a pop-up in the middle of the video that you want your viewers to see. It shows not only desperation, but a lack of thought for your viewers.

They came to watch a video, not more pop-ups.

5). Respond to Negative Comments with Negativity

From the dawn of YouTube, until the day it shuts down for good--basically never--there will always be those people that run around, find stuff that they see has no negative comments...

And drop one right on your video.

Now, you might see it as annoying, unjustified, or straight out outrageous. It probably is. However, welcome to a platform that encourages free speech and creativity. After all, you're allowed to post your stuff out there; so can those commenters, to a point. If you feel like there is some genuine criticism in there, thank them. Swallow your pride, thank them, and try to actually learn from it. If it's just a comment like one down below, flag it, ignore it, or let your fans do so on your behalf, but never engage in a hostile manner in the comments. You're just going down to their level then.

There are far, far meaner ones out there. Be warned.
There are far, far meaner ones out there. Be warned.

6.) Forget to set a Custom Video Title

Now, this is kind of a breath of fresh air among these other things, since it in itself is really not that bad. However, it's still a major thing you need to consider when uploading and publishing a video. Having a standard title of "Vlog #31", is not going to show up in search results until you get way down the list. But, the title "Silently Suffering on the Plane!" might actually put it at the top of the list when you search it.

This is something important to remember for the title, but also for the description and your channel name. There are plenty of "minecraftgamer1"s out there, but only one real Markiplier, a couple of real FineBros, and a random guy I saw called Tomadom when I went searching random things. Each of these people show up first in the search results, and that's exactly what you want to do.

7). Let the Hate get You

This is probably the hardest, but also the one that you can do entirely for yourself. Whatever you publish, as long as it isn't cruel or discriminatory, or against some other rule of YouTube...

It's fine.

Post your vlogs. Your prank videos; your gameplay videos; your rants(within reason); your thoughts, basically. As long as it's legal, and original, YouTube will accept it, and chances are there is someone who is going to watch it. Now, it doesn't guarantee it, and it certainly might not ever get more than 2 views...but the real thing to remember is that if you truly enjoy doing it, and you keep doing it, and doing it in the right will be happy. Do not let anyone tell you that it's something you should totally quit doing, just because of hate comments, or messages, or just lack of any attention at all. Do that sort of thing for yourself.

Corny as it sounds, believe in yourself.

Voting Time!

What's the worst of these 7 things to you personally?

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Thank you!

This is my very first Hub, so I don't expect anything to really come out of it, but I really enjoyed making it, and thank you for reading it!

And if you have any ideas for me to make further ones, or any questions, feel free to comment below! Have a good day!


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    • Margaret mCarroll profile image

      Margaret Carroll 

      3 years ago from Ireland

      great tips thank you..

    • A H Sagar profile image

      Akramul Haq Sagar 

      3 years ago from Chittagong

      Thanks for such an informatic article...


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