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Top Android Apps for 2011

Updated on January 25, 2011

With over 100,000 apps, its easy easy to miss out on the great stuff. There are a LOT of apps that do the same function, but some do better than others and here I will like to share those apps that i love to use and find most useful. So here are some of my  favorite android apps:

Google earth (free)

Well, this might not be the most useful app, but I really like it, it looks great. The new 3D maps add a new dimension to the experience and the ability to search for local stores is really handy at times.

Nimbuzz (Free)

Nimbuzz is a great little all in one instant messaging application. Not only can you chat and SMS your friends, it also lets you share your location with your friends on a map, great when trying to meet up or navigate!

Handcent SMS (free)

This is a great little SMS client, has some neat features and a lot of customizability as you can apply different themes and effects. Pretty nice,must have!

Quick Office (free)

Quick office is an app that lets you view your office docs such as word documents and excel files,specially useful when you want to see email attachments. You need the licensed version for editing files,but useful nevertheless.

mVideoPlayer (free)

I very nice, clean looking app with a lot of very useful features. This is easily the best video player replacement for your normal android video player. It plays only those videos that your phone supports,so dont look for any extra formats.

Ahhh....I cant go on...there are way too many...have a look at the on going discussion on the various apps for android here :

and how can we forget this fun game...... ;)


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