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Top Apps That Will Connect You To Open Wifi!

Updated on August 1, 2016

Millions of Free WiFi Spots!

There are millions of free and open wifi networks all over this world. They are here for you when you want them and need them the most.

We know now that the unlimited data trend is slowly disappearing as you may saw the announcements or heard about Verizon shutting off your phone service for reaching a certain amount of data usage. This is so unfair and not good at all for those of you who love to stay connected to their loved ones the most.

So I am here to help you out through these rough changes and times that are coming and that you wanting to avoid because of the effects of being unable to stay connected online.

We all know wifi exist and that it is nothing new at all. At first, we were all just on our laptops or PDAs at one point in time at the local coffee shops or in libraries and Star Bucks and even Barnes and Noble connecting to the Wifi hotspots surfing the world wide web. In the early years, we didn't have tablets or smartphones or iPhones to connect to the internet with for our own personal uses to kill time in lines while waiting to dine out, at the checkout or to even just socialize. Data wasn't even the situation then. Data is the situation now. For the good and bad. But why? Why is having a data plan such a huge deal and a MUST? Why aren't a lot of consumers not aware of Open Wifi HotSpots? Why is Unlimited Data becoming the dead-end? Change is in the air. The new technologies are getting faster but seem a little restricted in some cases. There are a lot of users online and not all are using a lot of data or even have a data plan. So this is for those users who don't use a lot of data or that may want to use lesser data and save tons of money on their phone bills and data plans. In the next sections, I will be discussing some mobile apps that will connect you and alert you about free Wifi access in the world around you.

Open Wifi is Free For All!

Free WiFi- WiMan

WiMan is this incredible Free WiFi application that you can use for iPhones and Android devices alike! This app will pick up every Wifi Network around you! It will even pick up mobile hotspots that are available in the area as well. It will show Wifi access where you live, even shows the person's internet network next door! For the open wifi points available, this app will automatically connect you to it as soon as you enter the nearest area that has one. You can set this app to alert with a notification ringtone or you can set it to silence if you don't want it to make noise when it automatically connects you to WiFi. Below are some major key points you want to know about this app. See below.

  • With WiMan you can download wifi maps of nearby areas for easy access even if you have data connection or wifi around. This comes in handy for when you need to know where is wifi available in a city you are visiting.
  • This application will also allow you to share the Wifi hotspots that are available with your family and friends and those that are part of the WiMan community. So that everyone will keep become able to stay connected.
  • The WiMan gives you a map of the current location and all the wifi hotspots around.
  • You can even become an administrator to a particular hotspot and choose to pick users who you want to connect to that particular network.
  • The WiMan app even has its own speed test section so you test out the bandwidth of the network.
  • With the WiMan app, you can save tons of money on data and cost for connecting to millions of Free Wifi around the world!


Wiman official Video For Android

Wiman For iOS Official Video

WiFi Map- Passwords

The WiFi Map Passwords is more than just knowing the passwords to the wifi networks and hotspots. It will give you free wifi as well as other tips to get you connected free internet access. If you need access right now. WiFi Maps will show you where wifi is available. You can share wifi passwords with your followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. This app will even work offline for easy access and use.

This is definitely great for people that travel from city to city, state to state and even country to country.

This app is also secured and encrypted as well for your protection and safety.


WiFi Map- Password Official Review Video

Free Wifi For everyone

These are just a couple of apps that I had some time with and that seem to be the most accurate with finding WiFi Hotspots and Free Wifi that you can also share in other communities and social sites to help others in need of a connection or that don't want to waste money on data plans or for those that don't use data at all. These both are available on Android and iOS. So check them out.

If you discovered any other apps that help you stay connected online and its free, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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