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Top Five Animal Videos to Get You Out of a Funk

Updated on November 22, 2015

Dealing with depression is hard but I love animals so it is a no-brainer for me to watch animal videos to help me feel better. I have several on my favorites list on YouTube. Here are the most favorites in my favorites. All of them have to do with animals talking. These are in no particular order; just which ones I remembered first.

#5 Teddy Bear the Porcupine Eating Corn

Teddy is porcupine at Zooniversity and he loves pumpkin and corn. In the video, when a human tries to take the corn cob from him, he replies with "it's my corn!". I do not hear animals say words in all the videos that claim to have it but this is very clear. He may not have meant to form the sounds for it, but it is adorable nonetheless. I had to watch this video three times when I first found it and I keeled over with giggles.

#4- Wet Dog

I have to give Zombie a bath every week and although he does not get that angry, he does rub his face and body all over the carpet as soon as we are done. The smaller the dog, the more fiesty they tend to be. This fella seems to be on the sassy side and has excellent traction. I can imagine the voice actor of the dog having a blast doing his voice.

#3 Cat Singing Bob Segar

Old Time Rock N' Roll by Bob Segar was part of my childhood and I still get excited when I hear it on the radio. I would always get into the song and belt the lyrics. Imagining this cat loving the classics is adorable. Many cats will do this trick when you scratch their back or right above their tail. Anyone could put a song over their mouth movements. The short spurts of lyrics combined with the cat's head bobs just fits with the song. I want to sing with him, and pet him forever.

#2- Guinea Pig Interview

I never thought of putting words to a guinea pig's mouth movements. This cute little guy loves turtles and toilet paper. It reminds me that life does not have to be complicated and to be easily entertained. If only life were so simple all the time.

All animals have a purpose on this Earth, are beautiful, and deserve respect. That being said, I do not like birds much. But I do like when they talk and this cockatoo is having too much fun not to laugh at. Lots of birds can play peekaboo, but this one is the first I saw and it became my favorite. He has so much energy and just wants to play. What a sweetheart.


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