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Best Internet Sites of All Time

Updated on July 22, 2016

The Internet Boom!

The internet came out in the mid 1980s but, it was in 1994 when it went world wide and became available for everyone. The internet is a global computer network that connects hundreds of millions of computing devices. This absolutely blew our minds. I just couldn't imagine such technology. There was talk of a world wide web. I remember thinking, I have no idea what that means but, okay. The news would talk about us all being connected and getting news and gossip, emails, and a whole number of other things instantly. This would truly change the world as we new it.

Online Power Houses

Google is the number one search engine in the world. Type it in and get the answer.
Google is the number one search engine in the world. Type it in and get the answer. | Source
A pie chart showing the top internet sites.
A pie chart showing the top internet sites. | Source
Wikipedia is the internet's encyclopedia and dictionary.
Wikipedia is the internet's encyclopedia and dictionary. | Source

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Most Visited Websites of All Time

1. Google (1998) Google is the standard when it comes to search engines. Simple to use and always quick and helpful. Not to mention Google has email (Gmail), instant messaging and of course they now own the number three company on this list. The quickest way to search databases and get instant reliable information.

2. Facebook (2004) Easily the number one social networking site on the web. Connect with family, friends and co-workers via Facebook texts and pictures. You can build and set a profile and update it anytime. Also, Facebook is famous for allowing you to "Like" things and many web sites now have like buttons in them.

3. Youtube (2005) Youtube is like the videos version of Google. It allows anyone to post home videos or any footage for that matter for other people to view. It allows you to upload videos to share with visitors and of course it allows you to view other people's videos.

4. Yahoo (1994) Yahoo! is famous for many online services including e mail, instant messaging, news, online mapping and social networking just to name a few. Yahoo is very well laid out, user friendly and they offer something for every situation.

5. Wikipedia (2001) Wikipedia is the internet's largest reference site and it's the official encyclopedia of the internet. Anyone can add information to a subject or edit any subject at anytime. Wikipedia is also considered a news site since it's constantly updated with world news on a daily basis.

6. Amazon (1994) Amazon is the largest retailer on the web as they began early on selling just books. They now sell everything and anything and they produce the famous computer tablet known as the Kindle Fire. You can buy and sell products on Amazon and they also offer a shipping service for items you sell.

7. ebay (1995) ebay is an online auction site that also allows you to shop and buy items or list merchandise for sale. They have an online shipping service for mailing out merchandise that's discounted cheaper than U.S. Mail. They own many other web companies such as Paypal (which is the main way to bank and transfer money with ebay), Stubhub, and they have a partial ownership in Craigslist.

8. Twitter (2006) Twitter is a social networking and blogging site. Users post tweets which can be read by anyone online but a visitor can not tweet only read them. Membership is free and as a member you can posts tweets and pictures as well as read and retweet.

9. Baidu (2000) Baidu is more or less the Chinese version of Google. Besides a user friendly search engine Baidu also has an encyclopedia and an online discussion forum. Also they are known for image sharing and downloading multimedia files.

10. Wordpress (2005) Wordpress is a content management system and blogging website. The site offers linking, widgets and templates which allow you to constantly change your pages style. This site is constantly growing and updating with new and improved features.

Most Visited Sports Websites

1. (1993) They are the easy number one choice in this list because they have been around since 93 online and they have the name ESPN and also they cover every sport. It's broken up into different categories for each sport with videos and blogs.

2. Yahoo Sports (1997) Yahoo has done a nice job of updating sporting events quickly and they do a great job with boxing and mixed martial arts articles. Kevin Iole does a great job writing articles for Yahoo without a doubt.

3. (1994) This web site is laid out very well and easy to navigate. However, they give to much attention to a few specific sports most of the time.

4. BleacherReport (2007) A great website for those who love top ten best type of sports lists because they have top ten lists for every sport.

5. Sports Illustrated (1994) Great writers on this web page without a doubt. Also, this web site shows some great color pictures. Any and every sport gets coverage on this web page which is a plus for sports fans.

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Facebook is the largest social networking site on the internet.
Facebook is the largest social networking site on the internet. | Source

Top Social Networking Sites

The top seven social Networking websites on the internet.

Most Popular Buying and Selling Websites

1. Amazon (1994) Amazon got into the business early and it paid off. They started off selling books but now they sell nearly everything.

2. Ebay (1995) Ebay is similar to Amazon with auctions and the option to buy or sell products.

3. Taobao (2003) This website is basically a Chinese version of ebay or Amazon.

4. Tmall (2008) A Chinese version of Amazon that sells to people in ChIna, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

5. Craigslist ( 1999) This website is the largest online classifieds business online.

Most Used Search Engines

1. Google (1998) Google is the biggest name on the internet period. It's simple to search and they always seem to know what your hunting even if you misspell it.

2. Bing (2009) Bing is very similar to Google because they are very user friendly and they always give you what your looking for.

3. Yahoo (1994) Yahoo has too many advertisements but otherwise it's not hard to use at all. A close call between it and Bing.

4. Baidu (2000) China's largest search engine site.

5. Babylon (1997) This search engine has the largest online dictionary.

Tweet It!

Twitter is a unique social networking site where you tweet comments or pictures for your followers.
Twitter is a unique social networking site where you tweet comments or pictures for your followers. | Source

Ten Most Visited Websites

Ten Most Popular Websites

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