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10 Cheap Cooling Pads for Your Laptop 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Laptops are one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. Millions of people across the world carry these technological geniuses around with them every day. It seems that some depend more on their laptops for survival than they do food, using them for work, social media, watching movies, and everything else.

However, some laptops reach a point where they are used so much that they overheat, making it impossible to serve their most useful purpose: to sit on people’s laps. That is where laptop coolers come in, to save the day by allowing laptop users all over the world to be able to continue to use their laptops in spite of high internal temperatures. Here is a list of the top ten laptop coolers for 2013.

5 stars for Targus Space Saving Chill Mat For Laptop

Targus Space Saving Chill Mat For Laptop

This laptop cooler is equipped with a neoprene underside, so that you can continue to work comfortably and use your laptop on your lap in spite of high temperatures. To use this cooler, you simply plug a USB connector into your laptop to activate the two fans.

These two fans work to displace the heat emitted from your laptop toward your lap. The fans blow cool air through the top of the cooler, which is dotted with many holes, allowing the fans to effectively cool your laptop. This product is offered for under $50.

Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700

This laptop cooler is unique in that it works not only to keep your laptop from overheating, but it is also equipped with state of the art speakers. So it improves on your laptop in two ways instead of just one, because laptop speakers generally aren’t the best quality.

Additionally, the fan is much quieter on this laptop cooler than the others, so you can enjoy your huge speakers even more. This cooler is also strategically tilted, allowing you to view your laptop from a better angle whilst you use it.

Belkin CoolSpot Cushion Laptop Cooling Pad

While this is one of the more simple laptop coolers available, it comes in two different colors: black and white. Which can definitely be appealing, if you want to try to camouflage your laptop cooler?

Other than that, this laptop cooler utilizes natural convection in order to cool your laptop, and also plugs in via USB port, so that you don’t have to bother with normal power outlets. Probably one of the best features of this laptop cooler is its low price, which runs at about $30 apiece.

ThermaPAK HS15A HeatShift Laptop Cooler

Yes, they do make laptop coolers for netbooks. And yes, this is probably the most unique laptop cooler available. This particular model, designed by ThermaPAK, actually utilizes cooling crystals that use the heat produced by your netbook to melt into a gel, turning your laptop cooler into a softer, more pillow-like surface.

Unlike most laptop coolers, this one does not require any power, so it’s also more environmentally friendly. The cooler is designed with grooves in it, so that even after the crystals turn to gel, there is still room for air ventilation between your netbook and the laptop cooler.

Microsoft Z3C-00005 Notebook Cooling Base

This white laptop cooler is shaped like an arch. While at first thought this may seem undesirable, it is actually equipped with a flip-up stand that you can use when your laptop is sitting on a desk.

But you can still use it on your lap, and because of the arch design, either way the ventilation will continue and keep your laptop cool whenever you are using it.

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Allsop 29591 Cool Channel Notebook Platform

This laptop cooler is actually in a “C” shape, and does not require any USB port or fan. Instead, it utilizes anti-static coated fabric to cool both the laptop and its user, by dissipating the heat.

This is probably one of the most comfortable laptop coolers to purchase if you’re mostly going to be working with your laptop on your lap. However, if you only plan on using your laptop cooler on a desk, the Allsop Cool Channel Platform for Laptops probably isn’t the way to go.

This is definitely the most uniquely shaped laptop cooler out there, as looks like some sort of sea creature at first sight. Like so many other laptop coolers, this one is powered through your laptop’s USB port.

However, this cooler is more compact than most because of its four legs, which can be folded so that it’s easier to carry around or just to store in general. Additionally, the center portion of this cooler is fully equipped with an anti-skip rubber cushion so that your laptop won’t slide around when you use it. And the most original aspect of this cooler: it comes with LED lights.

Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler

This laptop cooler, at first sight, looks almost like some sort of UFO. It is less than one inch thick, but still gets the job done of cooling your laptop effectively, by making use of fans, and gets power through your computer’s USB port.

Xpad (Non-slip Laptop Cooler and Heatshield)

Although this laptop cooler is still shaped like a square, it contains four rubber stoppers in the form of an “X” to keep your laptop from slipping.

These rubber stoppers are also air pockets, which absorb the heat produced by your laptop. This is probably the only laptop cooler that uses thermal insulation to get the job done!

Laptop Notebook Cool Pad w/ 3 Fans

This laptop cooler uses fans, connected through your computer’s USB port, to direct heat away from your laptop. The most exciting part: this laptop cooler is equipped with colored LED lights, so that you can work in style.

Be sure that you choose a laptop cooler that is right for your computer – if fans won’t work with it, be aware. If only fans will work with, be aware of that too, and make a good choice to keep your laptop cool.


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