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Top 5 Free Must Have Android Apps

Updated on August 2, 2011

There are many apps other than Angry Birds, Opera mini and the Facebook app that are very useful in fact and are really awesome. An Android or iOS (Apple) device is not complete without these cool apps that saves you a lot of time and brings full utility vales to your devices. Following is the compilation of the Top 5 Must Have Android apps. Lets start.

Available on Android 1.5 and Up

Size: 99kb

Price: Free!


The absence of a 'close' button keeps your apps running even while you return to the home page. Result- dips the battery life. Download the Advanced Task Killer from the Android market to kill the tasks and save your battery. It shuts down the tasks that are idle on the tablet. This is an absolute necessity for your Android device.

Available on Android 1.5 and Up

Size: 6.4 Mb

Price: Free!


Okay, some of you might be having this (skip to the next app). With Google Maps you'll never have to ask for directions again. It gives precise directions and the maps are clear and intuitive.

Available on Android 1.5 and Up

Size: 1.9 Mb

Price: Free!


A news application that knows you and knows what you need. Pulse news integrates news from all over the world, integrates them into various categories and keeps them updated throughout the day. It's a must have if you want to be connected and be aware of what's happening around the world.

Available on Android 1.5 and Up

Size: 2.8 Mb


  • Upto 2 GB - Free!
  • Upto 50 GB - $9.99
  • Upto 100 GB - $ 19.99


Back-ups everything. That's what dropbox does for you. It uses cloud computing technology to enable you to share files with others across the internet using file synchronization. You can access your file anywhere anytime in you PC, Smartphone or in the Dropbox Website. Dropbox is a must have if you don't want to lose your precious data.

Available on Android 1.5 and Up


Limited Version: 5.4 Mb

Full Version: 57 Kb


Limited Version: Free!

Full Version: INR 673


The free version of this app is a must if you frequently need to open Word, Excel, PowerPoint applications in your Android device. You can't edit the document with the free version but you can open your files in the local hard disk. If you don't mind spending a few bucks for on this great app then you can view, edit and share documents seamlessly with the full version.

There are a lot more apps to catch up with but these are the best ones that highly enhances your Android experience. With better tablets and Smartphones unveiled everyday the horizon for better apps have sky rocketed. You could still browse around the Android market, download some apps and comment below about your remarkable findings.


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