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Top Reason why Online Business Systems is a Scam

Updated on April 12, 2011

Top Reasons why Online Business Systems is a Scam

Online Business Systems is an Internet Marketing Company that works in affiliation with the MLM company called Herbalife. This company was started by the member of the Chairman's Club "Shawn Dahl". This company offers Internet Marketing tools for lead generation and also helps in the retailing of the Herbalife Products. There are different reasons why Online Business Systems is a Scam:

  1. The Company performs aggresive marketing techniques to mislead resources in buying their marketing products such as call me leads, OBS Wheels etc... These are extremely over priced and cost about $500 for the wheels and $60 for 10 call-me leads.
  2. The start-up costs for joining the company is very very expensive.
  3. They send the prospect a maketing booklet and a DVD - for a shipping cost of $9.95 for 15 days and then they charge about $39.95 past the 15 days time period.
  4. This leads of this company is not very reliable - most of them lead to voicemail, disconnected numbers, wrong numbers and call-backs.
  5. This company usesĀ obsoleteĀ methods of internet marketing - which are no longer reliable.
  6. Most of the people who join the company quit in less than one month as they get extremely frustrated.
  7. It is extremely difficult and expensive to manage and maintain downlines.
Based on all the above reasons, it is not a good idea to join the Online Business Systems. It is one of the largest scams in the Internet.

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