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Top Reasons why you should not join Online Business Systems

Updated on April 12, 2011

Know this before you think of Joining Online Business Systems

Online Business Systems is a marketing company that works in affiliation to Herbalife. It helps in generating leads and the user those marketing tools to help the prospect develop their downlines. This company was started by a member of the Chairman's Club called "Shawn Dahl". 

From my experience -I will strongly object anybody who are planning to join the Online Business Systems. It is extremely expensive and will cause heavy loss for the prospect. These are the steps that happen when somebody plans to join the Online Business Systems:

  1. The Company will sell the prospect a Decision Package for $9.95 telling you that they are waiving the cost of the DP for 15 days. If the prospect doesn't decide to join the System - then Online Business Systems will charge the prospect $39.95.
  2. Once the prospect decides to join the Online Business Systems-  the coach who is the part of the Online Business Systems - will strongly convince you to join the system for a start-up cost of $399 for US and $455 for Canadian. 
  3. At the step 2 level - you will be officially a distributor for Herbalife using the Online Business System tools.
  4. The third step is - they will convince you to become a supervisor giving you strong marketing pitch telling you that at a supervisor level your profit will be 50% whereas at Distributor you will be getting only 25% for the sales you make. The next level investment at this stage is about $4000 which is really exorbitant.
  5. If the prospect does not have $4000 - he can choose 2 month option of $2000 for the first month and $3000 for the second month. Or He can opt for the buddy system for $2500 where the prospect and his buddy can share the price and both of them can go straight supervisors.
  6. They use obselete marketing tools such as Call-Me-Leads and the OBS Wheels. The Call-Me leads are very expensive costing you about $6/lead and they sell it in a package of 10 leads - which costs you $60. This is really expensive. Moreover the leads are absolutely not reliable - where most of them goes to voicemail, disconnected numbers or frequent call-backs. These will never help in progressing in the business.
  7. The cost of the wheels are extremely expensive. It costs about $500 for 5 wheels and 5 call-me-leads. A wheel is a prospect who bought  a decision package online and you need to ship it to him. 
  8. Even the wheels don't produce effective results - call backs, disconnected numbers, invalid credit card numbers, voice mails, wrong numbers etc..
  9. In addition to this, there is costs involved in setting up your credit card account. The cost of the Online business Systems website is about $79.95/month. 
  10. From those who bought wheels-  they charge you $29.95 for selling a DP. When somebody signs up as a distributor - there is NO GUARANTEE that he can be retain - the quitting ratio is very high.
  11. In addition to the above costs - there is also cost for selling a training package for $249 and the cost for selling the training binder for $64.95.
From all the above, you can see how much money you will lose if you sign up as a distributor for the Online Business Systems. Extremely few people find useful results. But it is very very hard.
I would say that the Online Business Systems is a very big scam. They will eat away all your money - and by the time things make sense to you - it will be too late.

Making a Informed Decision

As in any business, it is very important that you need to make an informed decision before you choose your internet marketing company. You need to be aware of the hidden costs, marketing methods, the marketing strategies.

For bringing success in any business - it requires Hardwork, Deligence, Persistence and Commitment. One should be able to take action - discuss with other marketers using forums - etc.. This way we can save ourselves from the different Internet Scams.

If you want to learn more about Internet Marketing and how you can succeed in it, you may click on the link here.


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