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Top SEO Tips to Recover From Google Panda

Updated on July 5, 2012

Google Panda has affected lots of websites and decrease their organic traffic that coming from Search Engines.Some of blog/website has been penalized due to copied content while some blogs affected that affected very badly.

I have heard peoples who are achieving more than 10K pageviews per day has started getting 2K pageviews or less.Panda can affect website SEO structures as well as traffic ranking system of any website.So ultimately revenue potential of any website will get affected by this serious change.

Recovered graph for Google Panda Effect
Recovered graph for Google Panda Effect | Source

This is the Google Analytics Graph of one of my blog Ehowportal.I had started this blog on around November and affected badly by Google panda effect.Suddenly my blog was getting NIL traffic some days.When I looked at my Google analytics account,it shows my blog is not getting visitors.

What I did to Recover from Panda

I did some of basic SEO for my blog and got recovery from panda.I would like to share what I did to recover from panda in this article.So that other bloggers who want to get quick recovery, can try this simple SEO tricks and get traffic to their blog.

1.Outgoing links from Your Site: I like to post of Hubpages,because whenever any of my article has broken links it notify me on hub statistic.So I can correct the broken links by editing them.If you are not using Hubpages & want to check for broken links for your website,you can go for

The website allow you to check all broken links from your website with URL,so that you can easily identify them and correct it.Other things you can check for are : Dead links , Malware links, links to bad sites should be removed.

Mostly such links are coming to our blog from comment section,so we should always do setting that new comment must be moderated by us.This way we can avoid such outgoing links from our website.

2.Interlinking Content :The second SEO thing I did is interlinked my content with each other.Searched a lot for the related content from my website and linked each other.Sometimes we use interlinking plugin to make interlinking job quickly but It is always better to do manual interlinking instead of auto-interlinking content.

I posted some relevant content to my post and interlinked each other.This way,if any user come to our website and read any of article,he can easily navigate from one page to other page.We can get extra pageviews by interlinking our content.

3.Sitemap :The third thing I did for my WordPress blog is created a sitemap for my blog and submitted it to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing , Ask etc.If you don't know about sitemap, you can learn how to generate & submit sitemap for your blog.

4.Regularity : I tried to create post on regular basis.For that,I tried scheduling post feature of WordPress and that helped me a lot.Whenever I have to go out of the town,I schedule my post at that time and so blog posting consistency will never affected.

I have also removed some of posts from my blog having less than 200 words and tried to post article with more than 300 words.So longer post will have lots of keyword and that helped me to drive more organic visitors from Search Engine.

5.Image SEO : I was uploading images only with their default name.When I heard about Image SEO,I shocked! I thought how it is possible, but after reading from lots of resource,I came to know using alt tag with images can drive more traffic to our website images from Search Engine.If you are using WordPress than you can try SEO Friendly Images WordPress plugin or if you are blogspot user than you can try this tutorial to add automatic alt tag to your blogspot.

Alt tag is the alternative name for image,so when user search any keywords and that keyword belonging to your image,he will find your website in Google Search Result page.

6.Social Bookmarking : I started to bookmark my each of post on Stumbleupon, Digg, Twitter,Facebook Fanpage and added social bookmark buttons on my blog.So whenever user come to our website,if they link our content,they will share our content on their social networking account and we can drive traffic from social networking websites.

When I started bookmarking,I didn't aware this will really help me to get recovered from panda effect,but after some days I got result for my hard work.

7.Page Loading Speed : I have checked my WordPress blog for page loading and it consumes too much time to load.I have checked for unnecessary plugins on my blog and removed them.If you are blogspot user,you can decrease your blog page loading time by removing pop-up ads,removing extra java scripts from your blog.

You can check your blog page loading time from

8.Link Building :That thing really gave me awesome result,however it consumed my too much time.I started Link building from popular website by commenting there.Note that genuine and relevant comment always get approved so try not to spam ever,just leave comment with your personal experience and your view about that article.

I think commenting is the best way to get quick backlink from any website.If you are going to buy links from some website,leave that idea and start commenting on other blog.Beside commenting I tried posting guest post on other blog,that exposed my self to other bloggers & traffic too.

This all points mentioned here,that I had tried my own and based on my own SEO experience.I brought my website again on search engine with 49% US traffic to my blog.You can see traffic statistic for my blog for February 2012 month.

If you have any question regarding it.If your blog has affected by panda affect,leave your comment in the comment section below.I will do my best to recover your blog from panda effect.

I am blogging since last two years and having good experience with blogging worlds as well as Search Engine Optimization(SEO) world.I am sharing my own views and experience with fellow bloggers to get more from their blogging.

Feel free to add me on Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube


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    • bkgroup profile image

      Bhavesh Sondagar 6 years ago from India

      Thanks for commenting.

      I generally like to share articles based on my own experience,so that people can learn something new.

      There is saying"If you are not doing mistake,you will get success,if you failed,you can become guide.":D

    • flashmakeit profile image

      flashmakeit 6 years ago from usa

      This is the information I need so I really found this hub useful. i did not know before reading your article that if someone leaves a comment with a broken link that this would affect your ranking. Thanks for the useful link for sitemaps and the information about bookmarking. I most learn more.