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Top Smartphones in Philippines– 2013

Updated on September 29, 2015

It has since become a necessity with new models being launched week after week which is greeted with much success. This year, the list covers some of the newer models and the old favourites from last year. The Apple’s iPhone remains as the cream of the crop but other brands such as Samsung is slowly bridging the gap.

Below are the summary of Smartphones that made its mark in 2013 in the Philippines dynamic mobile phone market. Some were truly successful, while some were struggling to take its share.

Here is the top Smartphones in the Philippines for the year 2013.

1. Apple iPhone 4s –not even the launch of the iPhone 5s is enough to dislodge the 4s from the top spot. This iPhone model performed strongly in the smart phone market from the get goes when the year started and was able to continue its dominance until the year to date.

2. Samsung Galaxy SIII – boosted by the distinction of being the official smart phone of the 2012 Summer Olympics, the Galaxy SIII featured revolutionary features such as Smart Stay, where the screen stays bright while you’re staring at it. Aside from the rich features its 1.4 GHz quad core is to die for.

3. Apple iPhone 5s – the iPhone 5s arrived to much ado and long lines at Apple stores in the country. This new model is the lightest and thinnest and with an added screen size of 4 inches makes this an overwhelming favourite to grab top spot in the smart phone market for the year 2014.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note II – the Note II comes up with a bigger screen size (5.5 in) and a thinner body (9.4mm) and a more powerful processor (quad core) from its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy Note, makes this smart phone one of the best in the market today.

5. Apple iPhone 4 – with the price of the iPhone 4 going down because of the releases of the 4s and the 5s, consumers still took advantage of this smart phone which is also packed with rich features that fits the needs of most users today.

6. Samsung Galaxy Ace–The Galaxy Ace from Samsung is a mid-range Android 2.2 (Froyo) based smart phone which targets those budget consumers who do not want to spend money on high end smartphones. It comes decent with an 800 MHz processor, a 3.5” Gorilla glass screen and a nice 5 megapixel camera.

7. Samsung Galaxy S4 – released only middle of this year, but is expected to knock the competitions at the chart next year. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is believed to be the best model that will compete with Apple’s iPhone. A 1.9 Ghz eight-core engine makes this smartphone an out of this world gadget.

Let's wait and see what Samsung Galaxy S5 has to offer.

8. HTC One X - being the first one to introduce a quad-core processor handset in the Philippines, it gives the product the needed spotlight for some time and become one of the most desirable leading smartphone in the Philippine market. Thanks to HTC’s great design reputation and NVidia’s Tegra 3 chip inside making the HTC One X the handset to beat.

9. Nokia Lumia 1020 - A great value for money. With the release of Nokia’s Lumia 1020 - though late in the market, it makes the Nokia Lumia series alive. Thanks to the impressive specs of the smart Window 8 upgrade. This pleasant Windows 8 powered smartphone lets you experience mobility without breaking the bank.

Undoubtedly, Apple and Samsung are engaged in a neck-to-neck competition for the smartphone market in the Philippines. Who will be on top this year will depend on consumers' product experience, and who could come up with more useful feature for Philippine consumers.

While the released of the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5s have really created a close race to the top between these two smartphone producers. It remains to be seen if other companies like HTC, Nokia and Sony can create more ground this year to join the much heated race.

The consumers will continue to expect the top smartphone giants to come up with models that will improve user experience in terms of true mobility and connectivity. Let's wait and see how they will address the fact that two Philippine cities (Makati & Cebu) were being recently dubbed as the selfie capital in the world by Time magazine.

Best Smart Phone 2013

Smartphone To Watch in 2014

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Market Release Date  
*Approx. Ave. Prices  
iPhone 6
September 2014
*Php 34K- Php 43K
Samsung Galaxy S5
April 2014
*Php 32,000.00
All New HTC One
May 2014
*Php 33,000.00
Nokia Lumia 1520
JanuAry 2014
*Php 36,635.00
Here are some list of upcoming smartphones in Philippines in 2014 with approximate average prices.
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