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Top Social Sites To Promote Your Blog

Updated on April 19, 2017

Many individuals know about the most popular sites in social networking, but there are a vast amount of social sites that you can indirectly or directly sign-up on and promote your blog and amass traffic to it. There are social media sites that have gained popularity across a wide global audience, but there are others that are more appealing to people in particular areas of the world.

Social media traffic is as crucial as the organic traffic gotten from various search engines as we can’t depend on Google alone. Below are some of the top social sites that should not be neglected and must be utilized as a means to promote your blog.

Some of the top sites which can be used to promote blogs are:


There are more than a billion users of Facebook around the world which makes it the most recognised social media platform. Apart from transforming the way in which individuals share ideas, connect, communicate, share news, video, and pictures, it has provided businesses and individuals alike the capacity to push their services to a broad audience.

You can take advantage of the vast crowd on Facebook and share your blog posts frequently to your fan base and Facebook friends. You can also create a group or a page on Facebook to better promote your blog. Business can further benefit by advertising on Facebook which guarantees them a number of likes or views.


Twitter is the second most recognized site for social networking. If you share a blog post that goes viral, it can pull in huge traffic to your website or blog quickly.

The major trait of Twitter as a site for social networking is the limit per tweet which is 140 characters. This ensures that posts that are placed on Twitter are always brief and clear. A lot of posts made on Twitter often come with links that direct users to external blogs and websites.

If you are in search of a platform that consists of users that have a better understanding of messages that have to do with marketing, then Twitter is the one for you. According to a survey, individuals stated that they would prefer to listen to businesses on Twitter in comparison to any other platform.


This is a site mostly used by professionals. It consists of more than 100 milion active users. The quality of traffic you direct to your blog or website from LinkedIn are a little more professional that those from Twitter and Facebook because it is mostly utilized by individuals who are in search of business opportunities or jobs.

LinkedIn attained its popularity as a professional platform for people in search of businesses, linking employees with partners among others. It also offers a platform for professional networking in a lot of industries.

If you have a website or blog and you need to attract more professionally minded individuals to your blog or website, then you stand to gain a lot by promoting your blog on LinkedIn.


This is the most popular thing that has occurred in the world of social networking after Twitter. Pinterest amasses a lot more traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined.

If you have blog posts that consist of images with high quality, then you should not neglect Pinterest. The images should be pinned under the appropriate category, and it can draw lots of quality traffic to your blog. It has also been proven that Pinterest users spend more cash than Twitter and Facebook.

Google plus

Google plus is more like the baby of the popular search engine known as Google. If you gain popularity on Google Plus, it has an effect on search results of Google which is more than enough reason to ensure you are more active on this platform.

It is also crucial to note that Google provides benefits to authors known as AuthorRank because they take your information from your profile on Google plus. This means that if you can amass popularity on Google plus then your blog posts have a high possibility of being on top.


Just like Google plus is owned by Google, Tumblr is owned by Yahoo. This is another popular social networking sites where you share blogs, videos, posts etc. The best thing about Tumblr is that is it neatly organised and gives a feel of Twitter and Pinterest combined in one.

There are plenty of different ways to effectively market your business on Tumblr. Links can be shared directly or you can write an intro about your blog to inform views. Posts with beautiful, eye catching images is a great way to get attention.


The above are just some of the sites that are certain to aid you in promoting your blog or website and getting the required traffic you desire which could be converted to revenue in future.

The important thing to do is work, work and work!


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