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Top Ten Bad Kinds Of Apps

Updated on June 1, 2017

Since the dawn of technology men and women alike have been scouring the world to find and create the perfect app. Whether it be a game or whatever there is thousands of apps on different stores and internet areas. Here is a Top Ten list of the worst kinds of apps.

#10, Supposedly Free Apps. Now if you are like me the word "Free" means alot when it comes to things you want to get. Everyone likes free stuff, until they have to pay for that free stuff. Many people have begun a practice where the app is free to download but let's say it was an app for messaging, it is free until you want to message people or see the messages sent to you. I don't know about you but I feel the fact that they have the app free to download but not to do what you downloaded it for is rather stupid, like download a camera app and it is free but you have to pay to take a single picture. I cannot tell you how annoyed I get when I download a game or chat app to see that in order to do what I downloaded it for I need to pay. It is basically just a free demo.

#9, Wait to Play Games. This kind of game can be free or have to pay but either way you must wait. In this kind of game the waiting is like when you build a new building or something, practically any kind of thing you do in the game you need to wait for. Need those ten extra warriors? You better wait thirty minutes. Most of the time the further in the game you go and the farther you upgrade the more it is you have to wait. While I suppose waiting is not the worst thing that can happen in a game I lose interest very fast.

#8, Not Complete Software. I don't know what it is about many apps that just straight up stop working. Like you try to log in or create a profile but it constantly crashes or something. A good idea for an app is to make sure it is completed before you send it out, no one wants to try a new app just to have it blow up in their face and it also affects the creators. If you send out a app and it gets bad reviews because it isn't finished not only will it give your app a bad reputation but it will make you look bad as well.

#7, So Many Dating Apps. I believe everyone wants to find that special someone to be with but do you really have to go through hundreds of dating apps to find them. There are some pretty good ones and some bot so good ones, many hold bots which many people use just to get people to go onto their app or site. I want to find that special someone as well but with so many dating apps it is very hard to do so, also many times I haven't gotten a single like for months on a few, many of the apps are like Ghost Towns.

#6, The Battery Consuming Ones. I have had some pretty awesome apps in my day, alot of cool games and some things to meet people however there was a big problem on several. They drained the battery, like fast. I remember I would have a full battery then go on the app for a few and the next I check I am down to like fifty person, seriously what the hell. This one isn't that big of a problem but it still is a pain in my non existent rear end.

#5, Only a Few Lives. A lot of games I have played has these and they are annoying. What if you are terrible at the game but love it? You might have to wait another six or twelve hours to play again. I cannot take the stress of waiting. While in alot of these games you are given some kind of gem or dollars to lessen the time or buy special items these things are usually very rare to get so once you spend them you might either have to wait a few years or spend some hard earned cash on these bad boys.

#4, Book Apps. Maybe it is just me but I prefer the old school days when we would read books made out of papers and get cuts and stuff. Good times. This one is a personal thing by the way. Sure you can use your tablet to buy some electronic books and maybe not have to carry around thousands of books but then what the hell is the point of living? I believe many a book nerd will say that they prefer the old fashioned paper cuts over electrical burns any day.

#3, Pay to Play Games. These ones tend to be free but have something in common with many dirty practices, many times the difficulty of the game is increased by an impossible to beat goal unless you pay. So that kinda means no matter how much you grind and fight and scavenge and play and win that you will more often then not be beaten by the people who play the game. So there is that.

#2, Useless Apps. There is gonna be an app or two that lies around the app store cause it is basically useless. Tap Games for example, I don't know about you but I don't see the fun of tapping the screen a million times a second, its like the QTE of apps. Many apps while made for good intentions and by hard working people can be rather bad, like those quiz apps people make. Why make a very detailed and good looking app if all it is going to have is one thing to do?

#1, Apps That Ask For Phone Privileges. I kinda get this one, someone is calling you in the middle of a game so it allows you to answer it, no I get it. The fact is that many apps ask for things that they shouldn't really ask for. Example. I downloaded a Tower Defense game and it asked if it can do things with my photos and contacts. Now tell me why would a game on my phone need anything to do with my contacts? Huh? Exactly.


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