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Top Ten Free DVD Players That Burn a DVD

Updated on August 5, 2014


This program allows you to create DVDs that can be read on any number of other machines, not just computers. It can take the files on your computer and format them to be able to be burned to disc. There’s a scan feature that lets you check the files before burning them so you’ll be sure they can be read once the disc is made. Then it does the disc writing and it can verify the disc to ensure it will play back properly. ImgBurn can burn files to Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, and CDs, and if it needs to split the files over a few discs, it can do that, too.


Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

It has nothing to do with a rich lather for your hair, but rather this program enables you to create CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays. The clean interface is simple to use, something that some other programs are not able to say. The program allows you to create a variety of discs, including a backup DVD for your computer files which is easy to use later to restore files back to their original places on the hard drive. It can automatically check discs right after finalizing them to ensure they will play back properly.



Many DVD burning suites do a great job of burning, but no authoring. This program can do both. Just tell it which files to load into the program, select the menu from a series of templates, add any subtitles you wish, and then tell it to burn the disc. You can even change the aspect ratio and set chapters if you wish. It supports over 45 file formats and has 60 video and 40 audio codecs built in. It’s not the fastest program you’ll find out there, but it is reliable, and sometimes that’s what you really need.



This program is one of the most comprehensive you can find in terms of the variety of discs it can write to. You can create the usual discs, plus Blu-Rays and HD DVDs. It’s easy to follow along as you go through the steps – just keep clicking “next” when you’re ready to move on to the next step. There is also a wizard you can customize to get all of your most frequently performed tasks into a quick start mode. It will also help you with audio conversions if necessary. More advanced computer users might find this program to be a bit too simplistic, but for those who want something easy to use, this is a great first time program.


BurnAware Free

This program comes with a very easy to use and learn interface, always a plus when you just want to get a job done. It’s up to date and ready to go for Windows 8.1, too. You can burn discs with movies or data on them on regular CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Rays. This lets you create ISO images, too. It can also help you create restore discs to recover lost files or boot your computer in case of a failure. If you have a lot of photos on your hard drive, this is a great way to create digital slideshows. Many DVD writing programs are able to do just that, but BurnAware also can help recover data from damaged discs.



More than just a burner, DVDStyler lets you unleash your creative side. You can use the most common video formats to create your DVD with. Then choose from a number of backgrounds and menu styles to completely personalize your video. Let’s say you are making a wedding video – you can choose from a style with flowers, or silhouettes, or photos of you and your beloved, complete with an interactive menu. The interface utilizes a drag and drop format so you don’t have to read a thick manual to get started. If you want to put together a slideshow, you can do that, too.



This program comes with a variety of languages to set it apart from its competition. You can create ISOs, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and HD DVDs. The interface is clean and easy to learn, starting from the original menu. You can select gapless or pause between CD tracks and use a playlist to create your disc. When it’s all done making the CD, you can even print the playlist for a professional looking disc liner. You can create boot discs for almost any Windows operating system. It will verify the disc before popping it out. If you have a rewritable disc that you need to clean off, it can do that for you.


Free Video to DVD Converter

As the name indicates, this is a DVD creation program specialist. Free Video to DVD Converter has a nice, easy to understand interface and it can use almost any format of video to create the DVD with. It is able to encode the files automatically before burning a disc that is compatible on both computers and home DVD players. You can adjust the bitrate, aspect ratio, and format (either NTSC or PAL). Create your own menus and chapter headings so your home movies will look great. It does lack a preview feature, however.



This program is one of the newer ones to be introduced, so it’s ready to go for Windows 8. It’s a good program for novices to the DVD creation process with a nice, easy to understand interface. It can handle CDs, DVDs, dual layer DVDs, and Blu-Rays, and it can copy discs. If you need to put both audio and video files on the same disc, this program can do that for you. You can use InfraRecorder to erase any files off of your rewritable discs, too.


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