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Best Chrome Extensions

Updated on November 2, 2010

I’ve had an on-off relationship with Google Chrome till recently. There are some things I liked about Chrome like its speed and the ability to search within the address bar. But I was turned off by its minimalist feel and the fact that Chrome didn’t offer exciting extensions like Firefox did. 

But Chrome v 4.0 changed that. Now it features many useful and fun extensions that are a must have. Although the extensions list for Chrome is nowhere near to that available for Firefox, it is still quite a handful.

Here’s taking a look at the most popular and must have Chromium extensions. Stay tuned as this list is updated time and again.  

Xmarks: This bookmarking tool is available for Firefox as well. It lets users access bookmarks on the fly from any computer, anytime. Just login once and bookmark any page you want to and let the auto-syncing update your bookmarks on the Xmarks server, which can be accessed from any PC.

Chrome SEO: A must have Chrome extension for anyone remotely connected with SEO and this includes all the Hubbers out there. It provides the page rank, back links, indexed pages, and traffic for any URL you visit or enter into the search box.

AdBlock: As the name suggests this Chrome extension blocks all the ads on any page, thus providing an uncluttered and less annoying surf experience. It obviously has a downside; no ads will be displayed on these hubs as well. L

Google Mail Checker Plus: by far the most popular Chrome extension available. It displays the number of new messages in your Gmail inbox and you can visit your inbox at the click of a button. Not my favorite, but very useful nonetheless.

Chromed Bird: Want to keep track of your tweets or visit your Twitter page at the click of a button? This Chrome extension for Twitter allows you to do just that.

StayFocusd: Perhaps employers and parents will find this tool more useful than others. This Chrome extension lets you block time wasting sites so you spend more time working than idling off it. Once you click the block button a 10 minute countdown begins at the end of which the tab will be closed.

LastPass: This free password manager and form filler is a must for any Hubber who wants to post links on different sites, blogs, and forum without the hassle of filling multiple forms manually or remembering a gamut of passwords. Although not as good as Roboform, LastPass still packs in quite a punch and the best part, it's free.

Feedly: This popular feed aggregator displays feeds from Google Reader, Twitter and other sites in a magazine cover like pattern that makes the feeds more readable. One of my favorite Chrome extensions.

Webpage Screenshot: Print Screen is so yesterday. This Chrome extension lets you take high quality screen shots that can be easily edited and saved as JPEG, PNG and other image formats.

Google Dictionary: An invaluable tool for any writer worth his salt. Just click the dictionary icon in the address bar and enter the word you encounter on any Web page to know its meaning without leaving the page. The last part is why I installed this.

As the extensions increase, I hope to add more to this list of the most popular Chrome extensions. BTW which are your favorite Chrome extensions?

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Share your favorite Chrome extensions

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    • Vimlaksh G profile image

      Vimlaksh G 7 years ago

      Wordpress stats seems like a real good extension. Thanks for sharing PFB

    • profile image

      Place For Bloggers 7 years ago

      I'll add WordPress stats for chrome at

      A real time saver :)

    • profile image

      DailyTechPost 7 years ago

      Fantastic list...this list would definitely help a makes job of a web master a lot easier...thanks for sharing this

    • theboxmeister profile image

      theboxmeister 7 years ago

      I'm glad that some of my suggestions reached within the article and thank you for considering them.

    • Vimlaksh G profile image

      Vimlaksh G 7 years ago

      thanks for sharing that list.

      I'll have a look at them and the ones worth sharing.

    • theboxmeister profile image

      theboxmeister 7 years ago

      Other extensions that I use frequently are LastPass for Chrome, Chrome SEO, Similar Pages for Chrome and ScribeFire.

      There are even more extensions that are great but this hub present the most necessary extensions that everyone must use.