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Top Ten Link Building Tips

Updated on July 18, 2008

1) Public library sites are a little-known, but very powerful way to obtain high quality linkage. The level of trust and confidence that the average web surfer would have in a state public library certainly well exceeds all but a handful of private sector sites. The best approach to solicit incoming links to your site would be to approach the librarian of your regional system and demonstrate the unique and quality content which your site possesses in order to solicit a link from their list of resources to your site. The resultant traffic and algorithm-perceived quality of these links can exceed most other websites.

2) Never refuse an interview for any reason. Make sure that they will have a short bio of you and that within that bio there is a link back to your site.

3) There are more award granting organizations than anyone could ever count and more are popping up every day. Only a few of these awards are actually bonafide, but they all can be used for generating links which may be of fairly high quality. Seek out the awards-granting organizations in your particular field and make sure that they are aware of your efforts. Some of them will actually require you to apply for consideration for their next round of award selection. By all means do so. If you do win an award, then not only will that inspire confidence and trust in the visitors to your own site, but a link from a major award organization can be worth many times the value of any award in quality linkage.

4) Sponsorship is a much overlooked link building process. Not only will sponsoring your local rugby club or bowling league raise your profile within the local community, but it will also gain you a treasured spot on the website of the particular community organization you're sponsoring. Some of these sites are tied into their national organization's websites and that can result in some very high value linkage. Charities are also known to prominently feature their benefactors, and you may find that a relatively small contribution can get you a very valuable link.

5) This has to be one of the ultimate "obvious" points, but if you don't have a listing on Wikipedia for your enterprise, you're really blowing your opportunity for extremely valuable links. A piece of advice: When you submit your Wiki listing do it from a friend's computer or from an internet cafe. You don't want your IP address to give away the fact that you are promoting yourself. A similar situation can apply to the other various popular wiki-based Wikipedia clones that have sprung up everywhere.

6) Another complete no-brainer is to ensure that you have a link in the signature line of your own email. It's surprising how many people will spend many hours on conventional link building and then disregard this very critical factor.

7) In case you are operating a membership web site, consider pitching this to some of the top quality sites that you are targeting: they would receive a free membership in return for linkage.

8) Everyone has friends, well almost everyone. It's a good idea to email some of your friends with some news that is at least somewhat relevant to them and ask for them to comment on it. They may likely end up referencing to it, and that will definitely be valuable to your link building program.

9) Affiliate programs are very valuable additions to almost any website. Keep in mind that the amount of time and effort required to maintain a vibrant affiliate program can be overwhelming, so look carefully into the details of such an enterprise before you take the plunge into one.

10) Another excellent technique is to borrow a page out of David Letterman's book and publish Top Ten lists. For some reason, people love to read Top Ten lists and rarely question the rationale or expertise that went into compiling that list. Therefore, if you pick some market segment that you wish to gain linkage exposure in, put together a list of the Top Ten and see what happens. Hey, you're reading this Top Ten list, aren't you?


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    • marialorena profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice hub! Very useful information! Cheers!

    • JJC13 profile image


      10 years ago from Liverpool

      Cool Tips!


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