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Top Ten Weirdest Websites

Updated on January 25, 2016
Top 10 Weirdest Website
Top 10 Weirdest Website

The Internet is full of really weird and bizarre stuff. After surfing it for more than decades, I've gathered the Top 10 websites that I find the weirdest.

So, from really weird puppet shows to a guy with a gas mask, we countdown the top ten weirdest websites on the Internet.

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List for Top 10 Weirdest Websites

07. zoomquilt
04. The Maze
List for Top 10 Weirdest Websites

10. Seriously Weird And Random Stuff

Starts off with an error screen, after that shows you the weirdest clips that you'll probably ever see.

Viewers can skip to the next clip by clicking on the screen. Words cannot describe this website, so I recommend you check it out yourself.


09. Weirdest Puzzle Ever!

Full of weird pages that makes completely no sense... or do they? is a really weird and messed up website that requires visitor to click around to find some of its hidden pages.

Some people believe there are some sort of secrets behind all the madness which visitors have to find a way to crack. So if you're free, have fun solving the puzzle.


08. Intergalactic Savior is a religious website that believes Ashtar Sheran will save us from reptilian beings (called saurians) who wants to plant microchips in us and enslave us.

The only way to receive Ashtar's help is by loving and believing in him. Those who do so will be transported into a new earth in heaven.

I'm still not too sure what I've just read...


07. Zoom into Weirdness

Zoomquilt that keeps on zooming in, and the further you zoom in, the weirder and darker it gets, until a point where it repeats itself.

I have to admit, I love the creativity and the weird and dark artwork is just amazing.

The best part is that there is a zoomquilt 2, which is way longer and weirder in so many ways.

Visit zoomquilt or zoomquilt2

06. Wikipedia's Weird Uncle

A pretty old website, but it never losses it's weird charm.

The best way is it's a weird Wikipedia, a very very weird Wikipedia...

Full of information that some of you might be interested in reading so do give it a visit.


05. Seeking for the Truth? claims we are all brain washed by religion and science; and urge us not to fall into these two traps set by powerful figures.

Furthermore, we were visited by shape shifting reptilian aliens multiple times and they are still living among us in their human form.

Very detailed website which you should definitely check out.


04. The Maze

Known as the maze, visitors are required to explore the website and click around to be brought to the next page.

Visitors will be presented with very weird and horrifying pictures, codes and phrases from religious scriptures.

It's very similiar to, but personally the maze is way more weird and disturbing.

Visit The maze

03. Weirdest Puppet Show Ever

If you're not a fan of weird and creepy puppets, then this might not be the website for you.

Full of pictures and videos of weird puppets with high, squeaky voices. This page is bound to raise your goosebumps and make you question the sanity of the website owner.


02. The Man in The Gas Mask

There are 3 extremely weird videos about a man in a gas mask who is seriously obsessed with a girl named Magibon.

The last video is just a sorry... I wonder what is he sorry about?


01. Normal Porn For Normal People

No, it's not a porn website. is full of the weirdest videos you can find.

There are no jump-scares in the videos but the way they make the video really raises your goosebumps.


Dear readers,

Which website do you think is the weirdest?

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Author's Last Thought

The Internet allows us to share everything, the good, the bad, the weird and the ugly.

And sometimes we stumble upon things that are just beyond weird.

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    • VendaSoul profile image

      Jason 2 years ago

      Hi Michaela, sorry for the late reply.

      Anyway yeah... just wondering which dude made those 3 weird videos for her and wondering how she'll respond if she watches them.

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      Magibon is actually a Youtube personality - she sort of just dolls herself up like a gyaru and blinks at the camera for a few minutes. Most of her followers are creepy old perverted dudes. No real surprise there.