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Top Three Tablet Reviews

Updated on June 22, 2012
a tablet PC
a tablet PC

Digital technology is constantly changing. The only sure bet is there will always be a new hot digital device on the horizon. The tablet personal computer is the hottest item on the market. Consumers have fallen in love with the tablet pc. There are so many options available it may be difficult to choose the best one. There are many reviews for tablets that can provide some insight before making your purchase. The top three tablet pc reviews will provide you with the necessary information in choosing your new tablet. Your budget and specific needs will dictate your choice in tablets.

The highest reviewed and fastest selling tablet on the market is the Apple iPad. This is the tablet that started the phenomenal trend in the development of the tablet pc. The Apple iPad features a multitouch 9.7-inch display and boasts a ten-hour rechargeable battery. It is now available with Wi-Fi compatibility and 3G. In addition, the Apple iPad scores the highest reviews of tablets.

The Dell Streak is much smaller and is a combination of tablet and Smartphone. It features a five mega-pixel camera, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and is Wi-Fi compatible. The Dell Streak is only five inches, however, remains a strong contender among the top tablet pc reviews. This multi-functional device is becoming a favorite among consumers for its functionality and small size.

The X2iTablet is not associated with Apple. However, it is one of the larger tablet pcs available. You have a choice between a 10.2 and 12.1 touch screen. This is a great tablet for those that prefer a larger screen. It uses Window software, which is a plus for those that are transitioning from a notebook to a tablet. It features a web cam and 1.6 GHz atom processor by Intel. The tablet is heavier than most, however, many people love the larger touch screens and the benefit of the Windows software.

The tablet pc is so popular you will find many computer brands that have come up with their own version. Fortunately, for consumers, the tablet pc market is highly competitive. You will find unbelievable deals. The key is to shop around and visit local electronics retailers. Here you will find many display models to take a test drive. This will help you choose the tablet pc that will suit your needs. To find the best available price comparison-shop and search the Internet for deals.


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