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Top four methods of communication- Each unique in its own way!

Updated on September 17, 2013

Path to success

‘The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives’ – Anthony Robbins

What is communication? It is an authentic means of expressing your thoughts in such a way that it evokes positive reaction from others. The world revolves around communication. Unless you communicate with others you will not succeed in life. How will you feel when you have to communicate only with yourself? You will go mad if you do so. You need to communicate with others all through your life.

Well, everyone communicate with one another, don’t they? There are different ways of communication and each one is unique in its own way. Are you good in it? What is being good in communication mean? You should be understood the proper way and what you intend to say should be conveyed to the person in such an authentic manner that it paves way to your success.

What are the different ways of communication?

  • Person to person conversation- extremely important for people’s skill
  • Letters- formal and informal way of communication
  • Email – the latest way to communicate and very fast and effective also.
  • Telephone conversation – rather difficult when talking with strangers as you can never see his\her reaction.

1. Person to person communication

How will you rate your person to person communicating skills?

  • Do you fear meeting people?
  • Do you stutter and stammer when you meet them?
  • Do you fear looking into their face?
  • Is your body language unsure?

If you say ‘yes’ to all these questions, it shows your lack of confidence in dealing with people. Why do you fear people? Why do you forget that you are after all interacting with a human being who is no different from you? He has the same legs, hands and brain just like you. Why then do you elevate him to such a position that you feel apprehensive of talking with him? It is because you are overawed and overwhelmed by his success, fame and money.

Do not lessen yourself and place others in a pedestal. You should be assertive and confident when you interact with others. Looking straight in the eyes and speaking in a firm tone is a must for your success. Is it very difficult to have this excellent quality? Just like cycling, mountaineering or any other skills, it can be cultivated and when you put it into practice you will find that it is the most natural and easiest thing in the world.

2. Letters-the written form of communication

After my grandmother passed away, we going through her belongings and there was a cover full of letters. Tears welled in my eyes when I saw it was the letters I had written her. ‘She used to read it at least once daily’ her servant maid told me. My mother still treasures the letters written by my daughter when she was a small kid. So letters will never lose its sheen even though many other ways of communication has taken over.

Writing formal letters and business letters is a unique art. You should be able to convey your message in an effectual way. You should not sound brusque and abrupt, nor should you meander about before coming to the point. Your letter should be brief and communicate what you have to say in a successful manner. You should state the reason for writing clearly and you should be able to put forward your needs in a pleasing way. Make sure you are neither servile nor rude. You should always have a copy of your letters for future reference.

3. Email

Email seems to be the order of the day as far as communication is concerned. It is very immediate and instant. When you are communicating with friends you need not look into the grammar and can be very informal. But when you are addressing some high officials or business partners, you should pay minute attention to grammar and to the manner and tone of your writing.

There are times when you give in to your emotions and tend to write harsh and highly volatile emails which do immense damage to your business and relationship. It is always better not to write when you are emotional and you should pause for your highly strung up emotions to subside and then communicate. You should always be pleasant, to the point and also persuasive in a subtle way.

4. Telephone conversation

This is the toughest way to communicate as you cannot see the face of the person you are talking to. When there is a pause on the other side, it unnerves you as you feel that the person is not interested in what you are talking about. You also must possess the capacity to carry on the conversation and convey what you have to say. It is only difficult when you are apprehensive about the reaction of the person.

You should be able to fill in the pauses with effective talking. Do not sound too formal and too aloof. Be friendly without being too pushy and the smile in your tone should make the person unwind his formality to come forward to listen to you. You can easily practice and develop the art of communicating in telephone, as it is an art by itself.

‘The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lighting and the lightning bug’-Mark Twain

Communication between people will always go on and on. It is the connective bridge that brings people together. If you are able to put forth your thoughts so that the other person reciprocates in an effective way, you are excellent in your people’s skill. Do not shy away from communicating with people as it is the only way you can usher success into your life.

© 2013 mathira


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      Thank you MsDora for your encouraging comments. I always prefer letter writing as i feel it has more emotional attachment to it.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Mathi, thank you for this beautiful read. I still believe in letter-writing. There's nothing as sentimental.