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Antivirus software review

Updated on October 19, 2012
Protect your PC
Protect your PC

Well folks, I suppose that you all know the benefits of having good antivirus software installed on your local machine. This software application gives you maximum security during your work, because there are these harmful applications that can really harm your computer. Anyway, as a PC Security professional I am here to guide you through the steps of securing your PC.

Following the newest applications in PC security has always been my primary passion. I decided to describe some of the features of the top two software applications for PC security. According to customers’ review’s, the two top ranked antiviruses for 2012 are Bitdefender Antivirus plus and Kaspersky antivirus. First of all, I will bring out some details about the Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Antivirus plus 2012

I suppose that you are not all experts in this field, but you are eager to know more about antiviruses. In this section I will bring out some of the most important details of Bitdefender as the number one antivirus software application. Among the many great things, Bitdefender is software that characterizes with simple interface that anyone can use. All PC security experts and users agree that Bitdefender is the antivirus that traces the new way in this industry. For 2012 the company revealed their newest product, which will be one of the main topics in this article.

Bitdefender Antivirus plus 2012 features

This remarkable software has definitely a lot to offer. Among the many cool and interesting features it offers, the built in secure browser, which boosts your security to maximum, in cases when you review your online bank account or enter your credentials while performing online shopping. This powerful antivirus application scans all your USB drives. It starts scanning from the moment they are attached into your PC. Viruses, social media threats, spyware and phishing scams are history when you have this application. It also scans every web, email and IM traffic for potential unwanted applications. Considering the fact that Facebook and Twitter follow every step you make, Bitdefender also provides protection for your privacy. It notifies you about harmful websites when you are searching for information. The new Active Virus control is a feature that deserves the greatest attention. This feature actually detects and destroys threats in stealth mode, by using measures while monitoring the application activity. I know it seems awkward, but I will describe it through example. Imagine that you have this suspicious file in your system. If that file doesn’t interrupt the work it won’t be stopped by Bitdefender, but if it starts to produce malware actions, Bitdefender Active Virus Control will lock it down and stop it. The Rescue mode is another important feature that has to be mentioned. Rebooting in rescue mode will actually give you the possibility to perform restoration and cleanup, in cases when rootkits breach all other defenses. Bitdefender always performs his updates automatically and these updates do not affect your computer speed. As for the help and support, there is really nothing bad to say. First of all they are always available when you need them, unlike other companies. They are available through e-mail, phone and online chat. Also, their help library is full of useful articles about every specific problem that may occur. It is definitely the ultimate warrior which can defeat every Trojan, virus or malware on your PC. I would definitely suggest you to buy it, and forget about ever checking your protection again.

The all new Kaspersky Anti-Virus for 2012

The new Kaspersky Anti-Virus for 2012 was widely accepted by all those fans that appreciate what Kaspersky has done for their PC security. Kaspersky is a company that always reveals new and better products in every new edition. That is the case with their antivirus application for 2012. Reputable software testing laboratories like German test AV labs and West Coast labs have graded it as one of the best. Here are the main features why this application was awarded only positive critics.

The features of Kaspersky Anti-Virus

By customers’ opinions, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is one of the top three antivirus applications currently available on the market. When you see the software for the first time, you will notice that it is very simple and easy to use. The user is able to control every component and can schedule his own scans; he can change the security levels, and also the user interface. There is one interesting feature that must be mentioned. The feature called Kaspersky URL advisor gives you maximum protection while you surf on the Internet. You will notice a warning below the web page name if the page contains potential unwanted and harmful software applications. The virtual keyboard enables the user to input his important credentials like credit card numbers, passwords and other information, simply by using the mouse. Well, I must describe the desktop security agent. This gadget actually monitors all the files on the PC in real time mode and warns the user about any risk. The user can even drop any file that he suspects, and the agent will scan the file for threats. It is necessary to have frequent updates and have the latest antivirus database on the PC. The support is great, and everything the user needs can be easily found on their website and the forum. If the problem doesn’t have solution, the user can also contact a help desk agent via live chat. As overall conclusion, Kaspersky antivirus is a great thing to have. It gives maximum security and protection, and that is the main reason why this company is so long on the top.


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