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11 Top Secret Tips to Download Through Torrents

Updated on April 15, 2015

Introduction of Torrents

Torrents are widely use as file sharing method to share file online. The basic of torrents is downloading and sharing files form computer to computer through Internet this is known as P2P (Pear to Pear). Torrents are the most used method to download movies, music, and other resources free of charge. There are so many sites which giving free torrents sites and membership torrent sites. The basic of torrents is downloading and sharing files form computer to computer through internet this is known as P2P (Pear to Pear). So many people’s use this method to share Films, Music’s, Videos, and other files to share each other.

Torrent softwares

You have to download torrent software and install them in your pc to download and share files. Normally this type of software is known as file sharing programs. There are so many good free file sharing programs available .I publish some of them for your reference.




There are so many file sharing programs and I recommended u torrent (micro torrent) for file sharing because it’s free and user friendly software. You have to download and install this software.

Torrent Sites

There are so many sites that you can download torrent files. This file can known as link to share files. The file extension will come as “.torrent “for example there may be file torrents as xyz.torrents. There are so many free sites to download torrents and I will give some few best torrent sites for your reference.

The Pirate Bay

Kick Ass Torrents




Search and go to these sites for download torrents. In this site you can see there are various torrents classified under Films, Music Videos, Music’s, Audio books, E-Books and lots and lots of sections.

Some Popular Torrent Client Sites

Kickass Torrent
Kickass Torrent
The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay
ISO Hunt
ISO Hunt

What is the best torrent site ?

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How to Download from Torrent

There are some links in that torrent site which indicate download or download torrent, so you have to click that link and download that torrent file in to your computer. Once you install the torrent client for example Bit torrent , you can open this file on torrent client while you double click the relevant torrent on your personal computer. The torrent client will download the relevant file according to your server speed.


In section you can see there are some thing call seeds and leaches you have to get the most seeds torrent for healthy download.

How to use torrent

After download you torrent file you have to drag and drop that torrent file in to your file sharing programme (bittorrent , u torrent) or just double click the torrent file and select the location in your pc to download that specific file.Your files will be downloading when you are in internet. Just simple

11 Tips to remember while download files through torrent

  1. If you want to download the film write the name of that film in Google search box and finally add torrent for the word. You can visible so many sites which have that torrent file. for example if you want to download film call "Titanic" you have to write "Titanic torrent" in Google search to find out the torrent what you want.

2. If you need to find out specific torrent for example new film, Use search box of relevant torrent sites or use the site call “Torrentz" and there are a search box you can see type what you want to find and go to that torrents site to download that specific torrent.

3. If your Internet connection speed is fast your download speed become fast and you can download file in less time period

4. Use good torrent files which having seeds ration. That means there are lots of people downloading and sharing so this torrent will become active one.

5. If you having good download ratio after you download that file keep seed for other .If you are using private torrent site this may cause for banning form that site.

6. If you having low internets speed or dial up internet connection you should reduce the upload limit and increase the download limit by using your file sharing software (bit torrent).

7. Remember if you reducing your upload limit use mostly free site. After you download that file then increase your upload speed for others.

8. Use best file sharing software for sharing large files. I personally recommend Bit torrent because it’s fast and stable.

9. You can create torrents by using your file sharing software and share with other by adding that torrent in to a website or by email.

10. You can priorities and optimize your downloads. For example if you are downloading several files through bit torrent. You can pause one or several files and increase speed of other file to and download them quicker.

11. There are portable version is available in u torrent site so you can use this software for usb sticks also.

Use above methods to download your files faster and stable download.


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