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Top Gadgets for Christmas

Updated on August 30, 2012

Top Gadgets

Everyone knows someone who is a gadget freak and who would love to get a new gadget for Christmas! I have a few friends who seem to have every gadget that has been invented and are still looking for the next great gadget that will enhance their lives! In this hub I will pick out some of the best new gadgets for Christmas and in doing so hopefully give you some ideas for some Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Even if you have gifts to buy for people who are not necessarily gadget lovers, some of these new gadgets cannot fail to impress anyone and it is great to buy something different and new for those people who tend to get the same gifts every Christmas.

Sometimes it is difficult to think of Christmas presents for certain people so even if someone may not normally be a gadget freak, there could be some good fun items that will appeal to all types of people.

The Best Gadget for Non-Gadget People

If you have a relative or friend that is not a gadget person but you want to get them a present that is up to date and will bring them into the 21st Century, then probably the most popular and most useful gadget is the Kindle. A lot of book lovers are a bit reluctant to give up their paper books and change to the Kindle as they feel that it would not be the same user experience but the fact is that the Kindle (or other eReaders) are the future of books. The technology is constantly developing to a point where I have a couple of friends who swore they would never deviate from paper books but are now avid users of a Kindle.

The fact is that you can store so many books on a Kindle that it means that you are able to read many more books than you would otherwise. You can take the Kindle on holiday or on the train or wherever you might read and you will never run out of stories.

The Kindle is easy to use and you can flick through books, bookmark your pages and it can even slip into your pocket. The rise of the kindle, and the number of eBooks sold may spell the demise of the paper book although it will be a while until that happens but the numbers of eBooks bought are shooting up and since April, more Kindle books have been sold on Amazon than actual paper books.

The Kindle is available from $79 and comes in various different configurations - check out some more info on the cheapest Kindle and the Kindle v Kindle 3G.

Best Overall Gadget - iPad

Since the launch of the iPad it seems to have become a must have gadget for a lot of people - whether you are an artist, designer or photographer looking for a great way to display your portfolio to potential clients, or if you are just a casual user who just wants to browse the internet, play games and check mail, the iPad is a great gift for adults and older children.

As newer versions of these products are introduced there is also a large market for the older versions, which may only be 6 months old, where the original owner has upgraded their gadget for the new version. This has been the case for the ipad where you can get hold of a great value iPad 1 from eBay for example.

Electronic Blackboard

This is one of my top picks for gadgets under $50 and is a great gift for both children who will no doubt find it fun, to adults who can use it as a reminder board for things to do to just a doodle board to write down their thoughts or just to create squiggles and doodles on!

It could also be used as a notice board between people who keep missing each other at home - a reminder of things to do or buy, or for whatever use you can think of! The Boogie board paperless tablet allows you to write or draw on it with any non-marking and non-scratching implement and you can erase what you have written very easily and start again.


This is a great little gift for adults and children alike. Hexbugs are like little robot bugs that act in a similar fashion and they come in a variety of formats and shapes from Hexbug nanos to Hexbug ants and a few in between.

Build your own little hexbug environment and watch them scurry around like proper little insects but at least with these bugs you are in control and they are not dirty or liable to infest any other part of your home!!

Check out the hexbug video below to see how these little critters work and choose from the different hexbugs you can buy.

Egg Toaster and Poacher

So if there were not enough gadgets available for the kitchen here is a new one that will toast your bread and poach your egg at the same time. This actually could be a good thing as poached eggs are much healthier than eating fried or even scrambled eggs as there is no fat involved.

So, choose from 2 slices of toast and one egg or 4 slices of toast and 2 eggs...

Erector Spykee Robot

This is a great gadget for kids and big kids alike - you build the robot yourself and it can act as a number of things as there are different versions of the Spykee robot.

The Spykee cell is controlled by your cellphone via wireless and can make and receive calls, take photos and save them on your phone as well as play music.

Then you have the Erector Spykee Mini Robot that acts as a spy robot, operated by wireless, it goes off and reports back with photo and video.

The Erector Spykee Vox is a warrior robot who reacts to you with movements, lights and sounds. He is programmable and can act as a universal IR remote control.

Choose your Spykee!


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      7 years ago

      Great picks for the techies!!


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