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Toshiba SSH 140 Ultrasound Review

Updated on July 31, 2016

The Toshiba SSH 140 is a versatile ultrasound machine that can be used for cardiac, abdominal, urology, and pediatrics procedures. With a high Doppler sensitivity and technologically advanced dynamic beam control, this ultrasound equipment can provide images of the highest possible quality no matter what it is used for. It offers an affordable and broad range of features making it easy to use, and helps clinicians scan patients faster with greater efficiency.

This system has the ability to store information on about 250 patients as well as several pre-programmed functions. It is quite affordable considering it has a lower price tag than most other ultrasound systems with similar features and applications.

Toshiba SSH 140 Ultrasound Features

  • Electronic convex, linear, and sector scanning:Yes
  • Three transducer selection switch, and CW connector: Yes
  • All transducers triplex capable: Yes
  • Touch screen function panel: Yes
  • Continuous cine, B-mode, M-mode: Yes
  • Six post-processing: Yes (with two user-programmable curves)
  • Selectable Doppler frequency: Yes
  • Directory and memory for 250 patients

System Overview

  • Monitor (Inch): 10" High-resolution color monitor
  • Tilt/Rotate adjustable monitor: Yes
  • Dimensions: deep x 21" wide, 50.4" high x 37.5"
  • Weight: 353 pounds• CP Back-Lighting: Yes
  • Imaging Modes• PW Doppler: Yes
  • CW Doppler: Yes• Color Doppler: Yes (B-Mode and M-Mode)
  • Wideband Imaging: Yes
  • Dual Image Display: Yes
  • Cardiac: Yes
  • Vascular: Yes
  • Abdominal: Yes
  • OB-GYN: Yes
  • Urology: Yes
  • Small Parts: Yes
  • TEE: Yes
  • Pediatric: Yes

The Toshiba SSH-140 ultrasound machine may not be the latest model available on the market, but it provides more efficiency and a faster way for operators to scan patients. Buy now and experience the extensive features and specifications like wideband imaging, colour Doppler, PW and CW Doppler and a memory capacity to keep information on at least 250 patients. In addition to being quite affordable, the Toshiba SSH-140 ultrasound system is also exceptionally versatile and can be used for any application from abdominal to OB/GYN, TEE, pediatrics , cardiac and vascular applications among others.

The bottom Line is that the Toshiba SSH 140 ultrasound machine may be similar to some other machines like the Acuson CV70 ultrasound machine, which employs the same applications including vascular, TEE, pediatrics, abdomen, and small parts ultrasound just to mention a few. However, both machines are different in features and specifications, particularly in imaging.The Toshiba SSH 140 has a high Doppler sensitivity and technologically advanced dynamic beam control that enables it to provide images of the highest quality. It offers an affordable and wide range of features making it easy to use. This ultrasound equipment helps clinicians scan patients faster with greater efficiency and it has the ability to keep information on about 250 patients.


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