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Traffic Ultimatum - Detailed Review

Updated on June 6, 2011

Since the advent of the Internet, users have been discovering more and more ways to make money off the web. One of these money making methods is through bringing in massive web traffic to your website. Although it may seem like a complicated process, targeting traffic can be one of the easiest things you can ever do if you learn it from successful entrepreneurs on the web such as George Brown.

Traffic Ultimatum, George Brown's successful Internet marketing course, offers a 13-module comprehensive course on viral marketing, pay per click marketing, video marketing, conversation marketing and many more. Aside from these modules, Traffic Ultimatum also provides 21 professional videos to easily demonstrate industry secrets on how to achieve high rankings in top search engines.

Traffic Ultimatum is the most comprehensive and complete Internet marketing courses available right now, and is taught by none other than George Brown himself, based on his own experience of making money on the Web.

It may be priced a little more than other courses out there, but Traffic Ultimatum is guaranteed to give you a huge return on investment once you learn George Brown's techniques. Otherwise, there's always a 60 day money back guarantee so you don't have anything to worry about.

Here are some things that are a definite plus about Traffic Ultimatum:

  1. It contains 13 modules that includes every one of George's Internet marketing techniques in complete detail.
  2. Diagrams and maps that makes it easy for readers to follow various steps on how to generate traffic and to understand web marketing concepts
  3. Videos that demonstrate how to execute each web marketing principle

Despite all the hype about Traffic Ultimatum being the ultimate tool to becoming an internet marketing ninja, there are some things about it that you might not like:

  1. Its 13 comprehensive modules and videos are quite long and would take months to learn
  2. The entire course is a bit more pricey than most courses out there
  3. Since you're pretty much learning to do everything yourself, this course takes a real initiative to learn and implement and is not one of those get rich quick solutions on the web.

Listed below are the modules included in the course:

· Module 1: SEO and AMR (Advanced Market Research)

· Module 2: Syndication Marketing

· Module 3: Video Marketing

· Module 4: Social Network Marketing

· Module 5: Social Media Marketing

· Module 6: Conversation Marketing

· Module 7: Buzz Marketing

· Module 8: Viral Marketing

· Module 9: Integration Marketing

· Module 10: PPC (Pay Per Click) and Adwords

· Module 11: Contextual Advertising

· Module 12: Pay Per View

· Module 13: Super Advanced "Ninja" Stuff

Aside from the 13 modules, the entire Traffic Ultimatum package also comes with a huge manuals filled with diagrams and maps to help you understand marketing concepts better and over 21 hours worth of instructional videos featuring George Brown's exceptional teaching skills.

Like any other huge endeavor out there, a lot of hard work, perseverance and openness to learning is required to make it to the top and stay there. The field of Internet marketing is a constantly changing industry and requires more than just one textbook for you to become an expert in it. Traffic Ultimatum is definitely one of the best modules out there that is concise and comprehensive enough to teach you the skills you need to start earning big bucks from the web.

Don't wait too long before purchasing your copy of Traffic Ultimatum! A successful internet marketer also needs to be quick in adapting to industry trends, so it's high time that you get yourself set on becoming an internet marketing ninja by learning the craft from experts.


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